Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy 2010

So I admit again, I am fail at blogging.  I even promised myself to blog more this year.

Things preventing that are restricted access at work, too much to do when I get home.

Well today, I have the afternoon off.

I wanted to touch on a couple of things.

We are seeing good people leave the game, because the focus has changed.

It makes me sad to see the various people leave.

My wife covered it quite well in her blog - The Hour of Our Discontent

So here are some of my goals -

Gear is pixels on the screen, I am not going to buy into the non personal game style that is dominating the culture right now, but make every effort to be with people (even though I am not very social myself).
I do not want to hear people say they are lonely in game no more.

I am going to encourage that attitude in others.

From a pure game perspective -
I am going to finish all the raid content from Wrath down to generic wow before we get the next expansion.

I am going to focus on the fun things and the positive things.

All while trying to balance this with my family.

To my faithful readers, thanks for reading!

I hope to blog now every weekend.

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  1. I cancelled my account last week. It ceased to be fun. I may pick it up again, after a few months, or after the expansion, but I'll see how Star Trek Online goes.