Saturday, January 31, 2009

Therigwin's UI and Mods - Raid Style

UPDATE - Here are updated links to my UI and MODS -
UI Mods Patch 3.2 Part 1 - Solo Play
UI Mods Part 2
UI Mods Part 3 - 5 Man Party Tank
So welcome to my crazy World of Warcraft User Interface. If you click the picture, you will see it in all its wide screen glory. So let me go over the various mods you see in this particular screen shot.

The first most import mod in this screenshot is one that reconfigures the graphics rendering area (or game play area). It is Sunn - Viewport Art. It allows me to make that border around the screen and the large area at the bottom, but I do not loose any screen realestate because it screens the normal screen into the new defined Viewport.

The Next important Mod is FuBar. Yes, I am still a good old user of FuBar. I could use Fortress or go back to Titan, but have chosen to remain in the FuBar camp. I have set the transparency on Fubar to max, so it blends right in with the art from the Viewport mod. So going over my FuBar mods real quick starting at the top right, working accross row one, two and then to the bottom.

LocationFu is the first one you see. It shows where you are at and if you hover over it gives recommendation as where you should go, etc.

RegentFu is the next one in the line. It keeps track of what is needed to buff people and other regents you may need to use.

Next to RegentFu is QuestFu. If you recall from my previous blog post, this is one I was considering replacing since it doesn't appear to be getting any developer attention. It offers some nice things, but you can visit the mod site to read up on those.

Next to that is BugSack combined with !BugGrabber this keeps track of UI errors so I can report to mod authors, plus keep playing without the pop up boxes telling me there is a problem.

Now we have Recount control. This toggles showing the recount window that is down in the lower right hand corner that shows our SV Hunter cranking out the damage last night. Recount is the damage, heal, agro, keep track of the combat log parser mod. Kinda like wowstats in game.

Ok, the next mod on FuBar is my mod for another mod. It is MSBTFu All it does is bring up the Configuration for Mik's Scrolling Battle Text. That mod is what you see on the main screen. On the left is incoming damage and heals. On the right outgoing damage. In the upper middle, mana return, buffs and debuffs. In the middle bottom, you the message letting me know Shield of Righteousness is Ready. Best Scrolling Combat Text mod out there in my opinion.

Next to that is BigWigs. Some use Deadly Boss Mods, I am sticking with Big Wigs. I just like how it works.

Then you have the most important Instancing Mod - Atlas. Shows maps of the instances and where the bosses are located.

Next to Atlas is an oops on my part. It is the Icon for Omen. Notice that Omen is also on the bottom bar of Fubar. How did that happen? Well many of the mods are going over to using the LibDataBroker Method. This allows them to be plugged into many other mods. In order to get some of them to show up on Fubar, you need Broker2Fubar. So Omen does both, so I forgot to disable it in the Broker2Fubar mod so it would only show up once. Now, for those that do not know what Omen is, look next to my Recount box in the lower right, and you will see the omen box and how much threat each person has on the mob I am targeting.

The next icon over is ButtonFacade. This allows me to apply a different look to any button boxes that it supports. I use it for Dominos and ItemRack, which I will cover later in this article.

Next is RaidTracker. This is the who went to a Raid attendance tracker and what loot was handed out. It helps me plan on who to bring to the next raid as we have a large standby list for 10 mans right now.

Ok, still on the top row, head way over to the right to an icon all by itself. Incubator is supposed to tell mob respawn timers. So far for WotLK, it has told me nothing LOL. So I may get rid of it.

Did I mention Sunn Viewport Art? Oh ya, I did, this is the FuBar plugin for that which is next.

Then you have ClockFu and VolumeFu. Nice controls to see the time, make the alarm and stopwatch appear and adjust the volume of the game. I believe that they are defaults with FuBar.

Wow, top line is done and you are still reading!!!!

Second line we start out with DungeonDiFu. This allows me to change it from Normal to Heroic to even EPIX mode. Yup, the Devs have an unimplemented Epix mode in the game. You can use Epix Mode right now to prevent people from entering any instance to stop that oops, I already did this and get everyone saved to completed instance or raid.

Next we have GroupFu. Clicking on it will cause you to roll. It will keep track of all the rolls and will announce it for you if you want.

Now this is a cool mod that is next. InstanceInfoFu tells you for all your characters what Instances you are saved to.

Ok, Now we have GuildFu. Shows the message of the day, who is online, their officer and regular notes. Very handy when keeping track of EM members.

Next is the Combat Logger mod called LoggerHead. This is what turns on combat logging so I can upload it to WebWowStats.

Next is Elephant. This is an in game chat recorded. I use this to post the Sunday Bible Study from in game to the website. It is also used to keep track of past whispers, officer chat, guild chat, etc.

Center of the Second Row, you see the word Tank with a shield icon. This is Broker ItemRack which provides quick switching of gear configurations in ItemRack. I have a few plug ins for ItemRack. One is ItemRack Titles and the other is ButtonFacade_ItemRack. Again, this all allows me to switch gear sets quickly and this is what I used to replace ClosetGnome.

OK, over to the right now for the last two FuBar Mods on the top second row. First is WIM and the next one is All Played.

WIM is a mod that handles whipsers like an IM program.

All Played
show information about where all your players are located and how much you have played them along with total time played on the current character.

Wow thats a lot of mods... and that was just the top part of the screen.

Ok, I am going to skip the bottom line of FuBar mods and go right into the center area and explain what I have got setup here.

I already mentioned Mik's Scrolling Battle Text, but I have not mentioned Comix. That is the Swoosh graphic you see. It is just a silly mod to entertain me. The only useful thing from it is when a mob hits 10% it says "Finish Him".

Next we have my unit Frames mod. I am using Xperl currently. On the left side is the raid boxes along with a raid monitor. Center is my box, my target's target in the dead center so I can make sure they are targeting me and then my target next to that. For the most part everything you see is all Xperl, from the Big Debuffs, the buffs, etc. The only exception is the Holy Shield Icon next to my unit frame. That is placed their by SatrinaBuffFrame which allows you to setup custom buff frames and put them whereever you need them. I have one setup special for Holy Shield and the some more for the Four Horseman's marks.

We already talked about Omen and Recount, but the box above that is my tooltip. I use CowTip to modify the look and location of the tooltip.

The only other mod that is not seen because the tooltip is over it is the Reputation Monitor. This is a very nice thing if you are grinding rep.

Ok, down to the lower portion of the UI. I use the standard Blizz Chat Frame, nothing special there.

Next is PallyPower. If you are a paladin and you raid, get this mod. It allows the raid leaders to assign paladin buffs to all the classes.

Next that is my button mashing central. All done by Dominos and skinned by ButtonFacade. This allows the moving and resizing of Action bars, loot windows, etc. Also using OmniCC to show the cooldowns on the buttons.

Below the buttons is HealBot. The best all in one healing, buffing, and decursing mod out there right now.

Now if you see my Trinkets with a Crab and Rabbit in them. That is TrinketMenu, allows for quick switching of trinkets and using trinkets.

is next. It is the Horseshoe, Winged Shoe, and the pet box on the screen. It allows for summoning a mount, flying mount and pet, all random.

Under the livestock icons is a Ready button. This is part of TargetCharms. If you see the raid icon at the top of the screen it is part of this mod. When a party or raid leader, it pops these up on the screen for easy marking and ready checks.

Under the Ready Check button are some plug ins for Tankadin2. The first button keeps track of Righteous Fury and reminds me to recast it. The next box tells me Ardent Defender information and does the avoided death raid warning messages. Next to that is the main Tankadin window that gives me all sorts of stats, including if I am crit cap, total avoidance, DR, etc. The author of Tankadin is working on making it useful for all tanking classes.

Above Tankadin is Emote Menu. It is a nice menu of all emotes in the game and good for spamming love, hug, poke, etc.

My Minimap is done by Chinchilla. There are added icons on it for Atlas, TrinketMenu.

Ok, and then more buttons (Action bars) from Dominos.

One mod you see in action in my chat window is Sustained TPS. Lets me know how much threat I am putting out.

Ok, bottom row of Fubar. We got Omen, AtlasLoot, Dominos, ExperienceFu, FactionFu, Xperl, AtlasLoot again. Atlas Loot show in Atlas what loot drops from the bosses, provides all sorts of other information about in game loot from world drops, tokens, etc. ExperienceFu lets you know when you are going to level, etc. FactionFu shows your factions and allows you to quickly switch which you are tracking.

In the middle is FuBar_MiniPerffu, basically a performance monitor.

Ok, right hand side, Fubar DurabilityFu, lets me know when to repair and does auto repairs if I have that enabled.

We round it out with MoneyFu and BagFu.

Wow, that is all my mods...... That you see.

Other mods that I use that are not seen right now are -
RatingBuster - Gear comparision mod.
ReadyCheck Announcer - announces in raid the results of ready check.
Totem Timers - For my shammie.
QuestHelper - for questing and flight timers.
Mapster - Great map mod that you can configure to see where you need to explore, but still see the entire map.
Learning Aid - For when you learn new stuff and want to easily drag it to your action bars.
GuildCheck - Lets me know what happens with guild roster changes.
Fishbringer - Helps with letting you know what is needed to fish in the area.
Dresser - A better Dressing Room
Combuctor - Awsome Bag management mod.

There are a few more, but none really worth mentioning, besides, I have been writing this for the past 3 hours, I want to play wow, so see ya in game!!!


  1. Dats alotta mods! But your interface looks so AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing that = )

  2. I thought elephant was a Mammoth tracking Mod.

    You have given me some great ideas and I will be checking those out!