Monday, August 31, 2009

Charming... Very Charming

Today's Blog is on a mod that I believe is a must for anyone that is party leading or raid leading.

I think it is key to either have macros or an addon for you to perform the following two tasks -
Mark Adds with Charms (Icons on the head)
And perform Ready Checks.

I stumbled apon this mod a while ago, called Target Charms.

This is a very versatile mod allowing for custom size, shape, moving, hiding, etc.

If you look at my UI from prior posts you will see a Ready? button for the ready check and the icons listed just above my action bar for quick access of marking targets.

Well, that is all I have for today, time for me to get back to my job that pays the bills.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Follow up

Well, it appears that a blog post was pulled.

It is always a tuff decision or should be when people blog about stuff.

I know I always debate before I hist the Publish Post button.

My hope is that my blogs can be a source of encouragement, an understanding of who I am and a way to better play the game.

Off to Church

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Disciplining those you care about

One of the things I hate to do is discipline. As a parent, I dislike doing it. As a GM, I dislike doing it as well.

But God commands parents to discipline their kids and raise them right. He also disciplines us in our lives.

Now discipline is meant not as punishment but as corrective measures so that we may be better in the long run. It takes discipline to accomplish goals.

One of the things we have in Eternity Matters is a code of conduct. Simple things about respecting others, respecting the raid leaders, let them do their jobs, be positive, create a positive place for people to play.

Since I have taken over, people have been keeping it positive, being respectful in vent, etc

The reasons for these rules is we care about the people and the experience they have with us in EM. Plus without them, it all turns to chaos.

There were a few members I was concerned about, but they had been doing very well. A few of the younger members we have had to redirect and that went well.

What blew my mind is that two weeks ago, one of our newer members called out that I was dead during a Thadius fight. He later apologized for that. I thought that was cool. Older members have problems apologizing, but our newer ones are pretty good about it.

Well, the other night we did Ignis in 25 man. It was rough and two of the members were making it more so. One was giving out instruction even though she was not a raid leader. The other was complaining in healer chat. Both were a little disruptive on vent. The following day, my wife was still getting whispers from many of the members asking how the fight was supposed to go, because they were confused by all the information given.

Anyway, after the raid I sent them this note since they logged off - (they are married to each other)
Subject: Warning
Just to let you know, this is an official warning and .
You both need to remember to keep a positive attitude while raiding.
And if you have suggestions, voice them in whispers to both Daraia and Myself.
This will avoid confusion on the part of those that are learning the fight.
Turn it around and enjoy the fellowship of the raid and fellow believers.
Otherwise, take a break from raiding.

This was said to them because I care about them and I want them to be positive and not chase away, confuse or hurt other members.

Well, as soon as the one person read the note, she pulled all her characters. Later that night, so did her husband. He just pulled one character, his main that he raided with.

I was upset, but moved on. I prayed for them and went yup, that was their decision to make.

Well, I was informed recently that he blogged about it.

Reasons given for their leaving -
1. We did not care about people anymore but cared more about Raiding.
2. This is shown in that we are recruiting.....
By the way, guess what we do to recruit.... I posted one note on the Eldre'Thalas forums. That is it. I am not going out and looking up people and asking them to join....

So yes, his blog entry got under my skin, because it was not true. I asked them to be respectful and enjoy fellowship and be positive. So rather than take the corrective action, they ran away and blamed it on us not being caring.

That is how I see it.


See you all online, hope to have more UI posts later.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My UI Part 3 - 5 Man Content Style

I dare you again, click the picture and see what awaits you.

Yes, I am starting this blog very late at night or early morning. Been on a tech call for work (love being on call, NOT) so before I head to bed, I wanted to start this blog. We will be going over various elements in this ui, as this is a special configuration just for the new 5 man.

Insert Time Lapse Here

Ok, it is now lunch time and I am at work finishing up this blog entry.

As you can see I am using Xperl Unit Frames Mod to display the party frames and my frame and target, etc.

But what is that thermometer in between my target of target frame and my target?
That is a brand new threat mod, called Tidy Threat. It is nice and small and will fit in there nicely, also works great with the default blizzard frames.

You may also notice a bar in the bottom middle with icons and the shield is highlighted. That is Outfitter. I only turn on that bar when doing ToC 5 man so I can quickly switch out my jousting stick for my tanking weapon.

Well, lunch is over, so I will have to blog more about my UI on a later date.

Monday, August 17, 2009

UI Mods Part 2

No new picture today.

You just look at the one from the last blog -

Today's quick bit will be on a viewport mod and a settings mod.

Viewport mods change your screen real estate by adding graphics to the screen. On top of that, they can also modify the viewable area of your character.

What does that mean? Ok, say I wanted to be able to scroll back and see EVERYTHING that I could see with having mods turned off. Ok, take that box, now put it into the viewport. This allows me to place all my controls, mods, etc off the viewing area or view port. In theory, I could make my setup so I could record videos and have none of my UI as I could crop it out in the video editing.

Anyway, I use Sunn - Viewport Art with art pack 1 and 5 for my characters.
Now again, you have the option of having it lay the graphics on top of the screen, or making an actual view port. I have chosen to make an actual view port. So it lets me see the same amount of play area without having it covered by the graphcs. Infact, I have my chocolate bar set to invisible and use the Sunn Art behind it.

Now the other mod I want to talk about is TweakWOW
It has a bunch of little tweaks that are normally UI Console commands that you can now configure. This includes setting the max distance for your camera to be even farther out (my primary reason for using the mod).

So this gives me maximum distance and viewing of the area, while getting my ui out of my face, so I can see what is going on while tanking.

Tomorrow, we will cover some more of my interesting addons.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

UI Mods Part 1 - Solo Play

Today I embark on sharing my UI for Wow 3.2

Click the Image... I dare you.


Anyway here is my UI. I am presently non grouped and flying in my main speck as a tank. Over the next couple of blogs I will include shots of my UI in my two specks grouped and ungrouped with other mods popped open. My previous Blog, I covered Chocolate Bar as the main mod of focus.
And if you have looked at some of my past UIs I have posted in various spots, you see that I have pretty much established my look and feel.

So we got rid of FuBar and I am now using ChocolateBar.

Now again, this is going to be a series, so let hit a section of the screen at a time.
First you may notice I have my map open and it is not taking up my entire screen. In fact, I can size it, make it transparent, etc. This is all courtesy of Mapster. It works with Mods like Questhelper as well. It adds the coordinates and everything.

Ok, let me now cover my new strategy for ChocolateBar.
I have divided Chocolate Bar into six areas.
The top left deals with my location, guild and friends, and quests.
The middle deals with raiding, grouping, combat, etc.
The right deals with time, sound, whispers, and my active/inactive lockouts.
The bottom left deals with UI stuff and Atalas.
The bottom center deals with performance and errors.
The bottom right is my cash, bags, regeants, and repair status.

Well that is all there is for today, except here is a list of all the mods I am running right now -
Ackis Recipe List
Atlasloot Enhanced
AtlasQuest - Fan Update
Broker uClock
Broker_CPU Memory
ButtonFacade: Caith
Capping Battleground Timers
Chinchilla Minimap
ChocolateBar Broker Display
CurseProfiler 2.0
Deadly Boss Mods
Deadly Boss Mods - Burning Crusade mods
Deadly Boss Mods - LibDataBroker
epgp (dkp reloaded)
Gem Quota
Hit Assist for casters and melee
Learning Aid
Omen Threat Meter
Overachiever - achievement tools and tweaks
Reputation Monitor 3.0
Sunn - Viewport Art
Sunn - Viewport Art Pack 1
Sunn - Viewport Art Pack 5
WIM (WoW Instant Messenger) v3
X-Perl UnitFrames

Friday, August 14, 2009

Everybody loves chocolate


The stuff that some claim is better than woohoo.

But the chocolate I am blogging about today is an addon or mod for World of Warcraft.

While it is pretty impressive and does replace a long standing addon in my UI, it does not go as far as the Hershey's Chocolate Bar.

So lets dig into this MOD highlight for this Friday.
ChocolateBar Broker Display
This mod is now replacing my once beloved FuBar. I originally thought about switching back to Titan Panel as it had native Broker Mod support, but decided to look for an alternative.

Like FuBar, it allows the creation of a bar at the top and bottom of the screens. It can be skinned to look like what you want. It has left, middle, and right icon placement support.
It has a very simple control scheme in the addons configuration.
It supports profiles for multiple characters.

Example Bar:

Example bar2

Another one:
Example bar3

Now when I switched over to ChocolateBar, I needed to find some replacement mods for FuBar. This was a good thing, as I found some new broker plug in mods that did the same thing as my old FuBar mods, but worked even better than the FuBar versions. I will be going over all this mods in my weekend blog that looks at my revamped UI for 3.2 and all the MODs and addons I now use.

Have a great weekend and eat some chocolate for me.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All Washed Up - Change

I keep feeling that I am epix fail at this blogging.

I have all these great things I want to write about but do not have the time to do so.

First on the list is a new updated UI and MODs blog describing my UI and fun mods since Patch 3.2 hit.

Next is a revamp of the Paladin Talents Review Guide updated for Patch 3.2.

Maybe I will get some time to work on those latter this week or this weekend.

So instead of those things, I want to blog about change.

Change, it is not what it is all washed up to be.... Most people hate change, others endure change, and some embrace change.

Life is about change and change makes us uncomfortable. Each patch brings about changes. Some are good, some are ok, others are not good. But without change, life and the game gets stagnate and doesn't go anywhere. So embrace the changes!

I have two changes that I dislike right now. First is the removal of the Seal of Martyr and second is the cast time added to Exorcism. I know they gave other tools to make up for those changes, but it is getting used to it that bugs me.

It was nice having Exorcism to help pick up stuff, along with having taunts available, etc. It was also nice to mix that into my 969 rotation to alive some bordom in some tank fights.

But alas, those days are now gone.

Other changes are incredible. I have my T 8.5 Helm, and other nice upgrades do to badges, the new 5 man and being able to clear farther in the content the guild is at right now.

It is nice to go back into the old five man heroics cause people want badges.

These are all great things.

The new epix gems are nice as well, getting the recipes are slow (costing 4 JC tokens each), but that is ok. I am getting the recipes.

Finally, the biggest changes have been happening in the guild. We have gone Raiding mentality and it is working. We still are social, we still are Christian, but we are getting things done.

But those changes brought about Mod changes. And that will lead into Therigwin's updated UI and Mod post latter on.

But for a sneak peak, let me tell you about a MOD I just got. I know, it is time for a

This MOD spotlight brought to you by the letter A.

Ampere - This mod allows you to turn on and off mods in game and then do a reloadui. This means no more logging out of World of Warcraft to turn on mods for raiding, etc.
Curse Download
Wowinterface Download
(Yes it does require to load out of date addons)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Patch 3.2 My Specks and glyphs

Ok, so this is what I am thinking now for Prot -

And this is what I am thinking for Ret -

Patch 3.2

So Patch 3.2 comes out today.

I am kinda prepared.

I changed my Mining to Blacksmithing.

But beyond that, I have read some blogs, but I have not done the research that was needed for my protection speck and ret specks.

So tonight, I will be messing around with specks until I have a pretty good grasp on it.

I also plan on farming badges to finally get my T8.5 helm. That will be really nice to finally have that helm. I think it will accent Therigwin's dashing looks even more. :-)

Well, back to the grind at work, blog some more later this week.

(Yes, I know, I need to update my Talent Guide, maybe I can do that this weekend.)