Friday, May 29, 2009

You Hypocrite!


Now that I have got your attention, I want to talk to you about hypocrites. This is a wow and moral and religous based blog today, so read at your own risk....

Ok, now that we have scared away all those that are not serious about this blog, when we talk about a Hypocrite, what are we talking about?

The word hypocrite is a greek word that deals with the actors. Now we get into some of these fun Biblical facts that helps shape our modern society and language.

We all know that Jesus was trained to be a carpenter and until his ministry at age 30, he probably was practicing this trade. Now in our modern idea of carpentry we think of things like cabinets, chairs, pretty furniture.

What we should really think of is that carpenters were more like your general contractors, building structures, houses, theaters....

Did I say theaters? Yup I did. In fact, there was a theater built very close to Nazareth. And Jesus being a carpenter, probably help build it. This is something we don't think about with that culture is that it was integrated into Greco-Roman Society. That includes Greek Theater....

Now a Greek actor was known as a hypokrites. Notice how it looks like the word hypocrite? Now greek actors would have this big masks that displayed an emotion and they would shout out that emotion for all to see.
The culture knew all of this.

So when Jesus talks about not being like the hypocrites the Pharisees who act very religious, the people understood what he was talking about. Not to be like the actors portraying a role that was fake.

So back to my first part of this blog....

We all are hypocrites when we play World of Warcraft. Because we can hide behind an avatar and not be ourselves.

The true test of character, is removing that mask, becoming real to the people you play with. Building friendships and depending on them as family. Then there is no hypocrisy for us that play this game, but a true community.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Response.... is my responsibility...

Warning this will be a preachy blog today. Yes, it has ties into World of Warcraft.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this month has been the drama month for Eternity Matters.

What saddens me the most is many people are missing one key thing that we all know. What is that?

My Response to whatever happens is my responsibility. What does this phrase mean?
It means the following-
When something good happens to me, the appropriate response is to be excited, but yet humble. There is no excuse for going "Ha, I got this and you didn't. I am so awesome and YOU ARE NOT!"

By the way, I am using extremes here to get the point across.

Ok, what about when something bad happens.

Example - We wipe, and we wipe, and we wipe on a boss.
Appropriate response - Being sad is good. Being angry is justifiable. Using that sadness or anger to lash out or make condescending comments is not. Having a positive attitude despite the bad things.

What I am trying to say, is it wrong to behave poorly despite the circumstance you find yourself in. Even if someone else hurt you, you have no right to lash back out.

What? Therigwin, you lost your mind?

Nope, I just follow a greater example, that turned the other cheek. He went and died on a cross even though he had done nothing wrong. And by his victory over death, he give me the ability to respond positively to life's situations.

Now lets get personal.

What is the hardest thing for Therigwin to respond positive to?
I have helped many players in World of Warcraft. Trained them up, given them advice, help them grow. Hoping that they become a key part of Eternity Matters, to only have them leave for whatever reason. I try to be happy for them but inside it hurts. Well, those wounds heal and I try to be positive and upbeat with my whispers with them, because many of them still come back and talk with me, ask me for advice, even though they may be farther in the game content than I am.
Ok, here is the kicker. Where my response is my responsibility. They link me something they just won. Ouch, it hurts, cause I want that. Appropiate response is a simple gratz and be happy for them. Inappropiate response is jealousy and envy.

I struggle with my response. But in the end, God helps me have the appropiate response.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Long Time, No Blog? NOT THE DRAMA!!!!

Well, I have been quite busy.

We have decided that the theme of May is drama.

We have experienced this past month so much guild drama that it would kill any other guild.

Funny thing, we have grown still, despite the drama. Despite us loosing some good players, we press on. Despite having an immature member do scams and smear our name(we gkicked them), we are there still on the server, doing our stuff.

Why is that? Because Eternity Matters is a guild that overall, cares about all the players on our Server. Not about how they play, but where they are going for Eternity. We may be human and mess up (and we do), but we press on sharing our love of God in a non threatening way.

So despite the drama, we go forth.

Enough about the guild, Therigwin, how are ya doing?

Lets see, my wife loves me. She bought me this ring - Signet of the Earthshaker my first 226 item.

Now the sad thing is, I picked up a 213 helm that was a mail caster helm. Ya, for Flame Leviathan. I can also use it with my healing set, but ya, my main speck prot and secondary speck ret still have 200 item level helms.

Go Figure, LOL

Anyway, Ulduar 10 tonight. Hoping we can make it further into this instance.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No Emblem for you!

Conquest... such a great word.

Conquest... Emblem of Conquest.

Yes, we are on a quest to get this Emblem.

Last night, we went into Ulduar 25. We one shot the Flame Leviathan.

Me and Enok were in a siege engine. I was his gunner, he was the driver.

It was epix. Me and my co-tank killing bad guys. Ya good times.

We down the boss. I get out of my vehicle. We say as standard, wait to loot till we res everyone.

At this time, I begin to notice something seriously wrong. There are no sparklies on the boss body. I call for looting of the body and my lovely wife who is master looter bends down and gets our toys.

Ya.... 11 people of the 25 got Emblems of Conquest. The remaining 14, did not. I asked everyone to open a GM ticket.

I then waited 1 hour and 30 minutes till the kind GM talked to me. He went that is bad, I will need to escalate this. Ok. So the window changes to your ticket has been escalated.

Well, I updated the ticket and logged for the night since it was late and I needed to go to work in the morning.

All day today, checking email, nothing in my email.....

Here is hoping that when I login when I get home from work that I have an Emblem of Conquest in my mail or something from Blizzard.

Overall, it was a great run last night. We had a few undergeared in the vehicles, which shows me on normal mode, we can at least farm this guy every week.

Now if we just didn't have to pug in the remaining group and have a solid 25 from EM.

Well, see you all online!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Crazy Weekend

So, it was a crazy weekend for me.

From doing tons of things in real life to some guild drama online, it was a crazy weekend.

Though, my boys enjoyed the weekend. They got to visit grandma and grandpa, see some cousins, hug mothers and grandmothers, etc.

Yup, Mother's Day.... I gain a new appreciation for my wife and what a great mother she is to our family.

So we are now into the week.

I main tanked KT last night. I had been having my co tank Enok tank the fight because I believed warriors were better suited to MT him, but we decided as a tanking team to let me have a shot at it.

It was a crazy and fun and lasers were going pew pew....

We killed him for my second ever kill of KT on 25 man. I was happy to see my co-tank get his T7.5 helm. I lost out on Last Laugh and as I had to remind everyone, they are just pixels on the screen. While I disagreed it going to a DK Tank for dual weilding, in the spirit of our guild, I was not going to let my selfish desires tarnish our testimony.

My wife ended up loosing out on her helm, but got Sinster's Revenge because Boomaster kindly passed the weapon down to her.

Lastly, we had a caster sword drop. There was some drama with it from a pug, but it ended up being won by one of our paladin healers, giving him a good solid weapon for his healing.

This week we head into Ulduar for some 25 man and 10 man action. I am hoping that all goes well, people have fun and we get some good upgrades people can use.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ulduar fun after all

Well, I was originally not going to go to Ulduar last night, but plans change.

Today I write this from the hospital family waiting room (where they have free interent woot) while my son is having a scheduled procedure.

Thus my original thinking of not going to Ulduar yesterday because it was going to be an early morning today (and believe me it was lol)

Well, we had the off tank drop because of RL issues and a few others so the standby list started getting used.

So that was it, I was going to tank it and we were going to do it fast.

I informed every we got 60 minutes to get as much done as possible.

We did great clearing to the first boss. Then we wiped on him at 10%. Big reason, he glitched. When he was supposed to do the over power bit, he did not stop, but kept attacking us.

Second attempt went flawless.

On to the happy exercising robot boy boss.

Easily cleared the trash.

I had read up on a new strategy over on Honor's Code blog where you tank him to the right side of the room in between the two trash piles. This prevents those trash piles from spawning adds so you can do it much easier.

We tried it and one shot it, plus got the achivement for preventing him getting any adds to repair himself.

So on to the Dragon boss. This is the first time I did this boss and bam easy as pie. 1 shot.

Ok, time for Ignis, the bane of encounters.... Wife taps me on the shoulder, time to go to bed, guess he will have to wait for some other time. 3 bosses in 60 minutes is not bad, but next time I want to make it 4. :-)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

No Ulduar for you.....

So tonight is Ulduar 10 man night.

Yet again, I will be missing out on seeing and doing the new stuff.

Last week I had to work, this week we have something personal going so I will be unable to attend.

Anyway, lets catch up.

I finally grabbed myself a new belt from Nax 25 last night.

Fleshless Girdle

So in my tanking gear, only my sword, helm, and trinkets are still item level 200.

I also finally crafted Titanium Frostguard Ring

So now in my frost resist with aura up I have an excellent rating, 543 defense. Feeling pretty good about it.

That should hopefully help us tomorrow night in Nax.

Friday will be a big push as we push to get Thad down, Plague and Bug. Providing we do not face the random DC monster (my wife has been getting that alot lately) we should finish Nax this week.

So next week can be our happy fun fun Ulduar week!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I have been a naughty paladin

Yup, I have not blogged in what seam like in a month... well, maybe a week and a half.

So, lets get caught up on things shall we?

We all enjoyed the Noblegarden festivities and I got Therigwin the Noble title. That was fun as I managed to get it all done a few minutes after midnight just after all the quest givers and eggs despawned.

Then we have the Kids Week stuff happening right now. Big on my list to get this achivement for a very silly reason. At the beginning of the guild, my wife and I were affectionally known as Guild Mom and Dad. So the Patron and Matron title was something I wanted for both of us.

I managed to do everything except the School of Hard Knocks. When I attempted to do the pvp, people were so rude that I ended up logging for the night. Well last night I got on and we formed up a premade of guildies and went in and had fun pvping. We won some games, lost most others, but in the end, we had fun and the majority of us got our Achievement!!!

So now that is done, this week we start our Raiding again tonight.

Plans is to do OS 25. I am hoping we have the right people sign up so we can do it with 2 drakes up.

Tomorrow we venture back into Nax 25 with a big push to try to get 3 wings done.

Thursday, back into Ulduar 10 man. I want to get 4 bosses down this week (the first 4).

Friday, back into Nax to finish it off.

This will be our last week of this raiding schedule.

For my guildies who read my blog, I am going to let them in on a secret.....

Blizzard has been nerfing Ulduar.....

So Next week will be an Ulduar week. Mixing in 10 man and 25 man Ulduar to see how much we can get done.

Then the week after it will be back to the other, and so we will be mixing back and forth...

Cause I really want Mally dead :-p

Anyway, Happy maintenance day and see you all online.