Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gems are a players best friend

Today I am writing to explain the awesomeness of Gems, the struggles of Jewelcrafters, and how to get the shinies in your gear.

First, lets talk some basics. Jewelcrafting was introduce in BC. The epix gems that you can get from BC have less stats than the green gems you get from Northrend. So if you are shopping on the AH, don't buy the epix gems, buy the greens.

Next, not all Jewelcrafters are equal. While many of the recipes are available via rep, the majority of them recipes are available via jewelcrafting tokens that are from doing the daily jewelcrafting quest. Normal gem cuts cost 3 dailes, meta cost 5, jewelry costs 4 to 6. I am still working my way through learning all the normal cuts for blue quality gems myself and I do know the epix tanking ring.

Colors - Did you know that each set of stats is attached to one of the primary colors of red, blue, or yellow? That the mixed colors have two stats consisting of the base stats?

Red is the color of Strength, Spell Power, Parry, Dodge, Expertise, Attack Power, Agility, Armor Penetration.

Blue is the color of Spirit, Mana per 5, Stamina, Spell Penetration

Yellow is the color of Intelect, Resillance, Hit Rating, Critical Strike Rating, Haste Rating, Defense Rating.

So if you need Strength, put a red, orange, or purple gem in it.

Anyway, lunch is over, I will continue this blog later.

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