Friday, October 30, 2009

All Grown up

I have a secret.

I have an alt that is NOT a paladin.

On top of that, it is a girl... ya, I am a guy playing a female avatar...

Well, I refer to her as my baby girl. She is all grown up now. I got her to level 80 this week.

It is my Shammie I am talking about. Myriah. She has become my healer. As a tank, I love my paladin healers, but as a player, I love playing a shamman healer. The challenge is there to if I riptide, chain heal, or do that awesome healing wave.

I have healed a couple of heroics, a bit shaky at first with a couple of deaths occasionally, still learning the mana management, but overall, she is a nice break from all things Therigwin.

Speaking of Therigwin, he is going to be getting hit with a nerf bat in 3.3. They are taking away 20% of dodge to tanks. Kinda stinks since the librim I just got gives dodge and the T 10 set bonus gives dodge. Hope they change those things.

Anyway, my little break at work is over, have a great weekend!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

RL Weapons

So, as every boy knows, they love swords, maces, etc in real life.

In college I purchased my first sword. A nice Knight's Templar 1 Handed sword. The balance was great and I cut up a many a pumpkin, trees, etc.

When I got married and we had our first kid, I got rid of the sword because it was just not safe to keep around the kids without having a secure way to keep it (which we did not have).

Now skip ahead to today, I would love to get a paladin mace for Haloween to go with my renfair garb. Well, Blizzard today announced Musem Replicias had real life WOW stuff from Frostmourne to tabbards, etc. What was not said was the weapon was made of Latex.

And I found this cool hammer there, so my desire to have a paladin hammer in real life will soon be true come next year when we get some spare cash.
LARP Paladin Warhammer -



Me want brains!!!!

Ya, it is 3 AM, Sunday morning and I am waiting on a DBA at work to finish moving a database to hook up, so writing this blog about...


Or Zombies.

Tons of Zombies.

This past week, I helped some guildies get the Zombiefest achievement.

Basically, you tank the second boss in the inn for about 4 minutes allowing all the zombies to spawn again, then kill the boss, go kill the third boss, then come back, gather the zombies and bring them to be killed in one swoop, this grants about 80 kills, then go kill 20 more in the remaining part of the instance and bam, achievement.

Here are some pics I took -

Thursday, October 22, 2009

4 set awesomeness

So yesterday was a great day in that I now have all 4 pieces I need for my T9 four piece bonus!

This bonus is great in that it reduces Bubble Wall to a 1 minute cooldown. This is very nice to have in some fights, taking the load off the healers.

But it got me thinking about T10 set bonus and again, I am not very excited. Dodge seems like such a poor thing to give as a bonus, sure it is lots of dodge, but what about those pesky spell casters.

I much prefer my T9 bonus of bubble wall every minute.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I was told.....

I was recently told I don't blog enough.

So while I was on a process for work, I decided to write a blog.

This is on the new T 10 paladin gear.

I love the look of T9. It is allaince, it is gold and shiney, it screams classic paladin.

I dread T10, because they will try to toss that undead theme into from Icecrown. COME ON! I AM A HOLY FIGHTER FOR THE LIGHT!!!! I DON'T WANT SKULLS ON MY GEAR!

That being said, I was pleasantly surprized by T10. I still like T9 better.

T10 has the good old red, purple, pink color scheme again, because don't ya know, the majority of paladins are BELF Chicks.

But overall it doesn't look too bad and the Judgement helm could work with it.

Tell me what you think?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Blogging once more, guild dynamics

So work had turned off access to Blogsites, but quickly found that many in the company have need it. So once I got access, I am now blogging again as it was a lunchtime activity for me. Yes, I could have written it in email and sent it on that way, but ya, I didn't.

So it has almost been a month since I blogged and I wanted to write about interesting dynamics of a Christian based guild.

This came up with our raiding week. We had a raid with 10, count it, 10 paladins in it. Talk about pink power!

When looking at the guild make up, you will find we have more paladins than pretty much any other class.

What are we missing? Warlocks.

Now I find it an interesting dynamic. Christians are warned in the bible against demonology, the occult, etc. And while warlocks scream all of that, it is just a game (though I would never play a warlock myself). I think it is for that reason, Eternity Matters doesn't have many warlocks in the guild. This hurts with raid composition and the utilities they bring to raiding, but it is understandable.

Now paladins are the big protectors of light, the crusaders and angels (avenging wrath!) so it makes sense that Christians are attracted to this class. So it is kinda a light/dark issue :-)

So just a random thought as to why Eternity Matters guild is out of class balance with these two particular classes. What do you guys think?