Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Wow, it is Christmas time already.

I have been so busy as of late not really much time to blog or what not.

This has been an interesting experience this whole blogging thing.

But I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and maybe I will do some more blogs in the future.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wrathgate - Therigwin's story

Many of you know Therigwin back when he was pre BC, BC, and pre wrath.

He was sporting brown hair in the monk cut with a full beard.

After experiencing the Wrathgate questline in game, I changed Therigwin's hair to what it is today, grey hair, scholar, with the duelist goatee. Why do you ask, well here is a story (not as nearly polished as my wife's various stories) of what happened.

Wrathgate - Therigwin's Story
It had been 3 months since the day Therigwin and the paladins of EM squad had descended on Light Hopes Chapel to assist Tirion Fordring in protecting the honored soldiers that had defended the land.  The squad just missed the final confrontation, but Therigwin was able to dispatch his once pupil and brother of his banker, Tiorin and put him at rest.  This was a great comfort to Druin and Merla that finally their brother was out of the Lich King's grasp.  He was one of the few that did not turn and Therigwin blamed himself.

Now he stares out at Naxxramas, wishing he could take care of that place and rid this town of its filthy presence.

"Sir Therigwin, you have been requested to report to Bolvar up at Wrathgate." said a soldier delivering official papers.

"For that is Holy, we have this floating thing here in the city and they want me up there?  Tell me why, there has been no indication that we can even breach those walls yet until we take care of this threat."

"Just read this note, it is from your wife."

It had been two months since he last saw Daraia.  SI-7 had sent her to the Borien Tundra, while his commanders had sent him to Howling Fjord.  Therigwin quickly scanned the letter.

"My Dearest Love, I have been assisting the Dragon Flights and they have agreed to assist us.  Bolvar is ready to attack the Wrathgate and confront the Lich King.   Make haste and join in the battle.  I have asked Bolvar to authorize you coming.  Make haste.  I miss you. Daraia"

"This changes everyting, I ride out immediately."

"Sir Therigwin reporting for duty sir."

"Ahh good to see you again.  Today we confront Arthas and demand justice.  I will lead the first squad.  Therigwin, you will be part of the second charge.  Commander Daraia, I want you to wait back and make sure our Horde Friends don't do anything rash."

Therigwin turned when Daraia was mentioned and embraced his wife. "Daraia, I have so missed you."
She kissed his bald head and "Now is not the time, we have a battle husband."

They made preporations and Bolvar approached.  The Horde joined in and they were finally at the gates.  Scourge warriors pushed back.

Therigwin and his troups were at the back and the Lich King came out.  He killed the horde champion.

Then the horde betrayed them.  A plague of barrels dropped from the sky.  Therigwin heard the call for retreat and began directing his men backward.  He saw Bolvar, go down.

"Retreat, Retreat!" Therigwin coughed, but already he was breathing in the green plague.  "If I can just call on the light....." and he passed out.

The red dragon flight came and burned away the plague.  Daraia was able to get Therigwin away and got Merla and Syyiand working on him right away.

"He should recover my Lady, he only got just a little bit of it and he is strong in the light." said the dwarf priest to her commander.

"I must go and talk with the Dragon Queen" said Daraia.

Daraia left and was then sent with Bolvar's shield back to the King.

Therigwin awoke.  He learned all that happened.  He had aged that day.  The combination of the light and the plague had bleached his hair grey and caused it to grow. 
"Imma liking your new look mLord" said Merla.
"Thank you.  I will wear my hair this day forward as a reminder of what transpired here.  We will get the Lich King yet and find out what happened to Bolvar."

Thanks for reading.

Patch 3.3 First Impressions

While I did not play overly much last night, I did like the following -

Updated Map with Quest Information (Good Bye Questhelper)

Quest query system (Hello EveryQuest Mod with Loremaster Mod) - I will finally find the last 99 quests I am missing for Kalimdor.

Things I did not like was a broken scrolling combat texts, bugged raid instance (Ony still flying with 1 life? AHHH), broken xperl and minimap and the constant prompting of bugs in my bug catcher and my bug catcher not fully working either!

So ya, I fought with mods mostly, but found a good replacement mini map, it is sexymap.

I got rid of a couple of mods and I helped my wife out with her computer and mods as well.

So game play, didn't see much.

Hope to see it all tonight!

Oh, and the Core Puppy is so cute!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Slumps

There has been an interesting trend happening right now.

You see it in various blogs from my wife's to my good friend's (Enok) to other guild members, former guild members, and the basic Wow blogging community.

People are going into the Slumps, burn out, etc whatever you want to call it.

For me I see it as a natural cycle of the game. Even though we as a guild have not accomplished all our goals, the game is getting boring for many, myself included.

I have to admit, this past weekend we dusted off Sims 3 and I have been playing with that, raising up my little sim families and we have the expansion pack for sims 3 arriving at our house today.

But that all being said, it is a cycle, and we will see things kick back up with the Holiday festival in game along with the up coming patch.

Happy Gaming!