Thursday, April 16, 2009

Who is Therigwin?

Who is the character Therigwin?

Therigwin has an interesting past. Lets start outside of the World of Warcraft and journey back to my childhood days.
I was in Jr High and this game from Sierra Online came out. I had been a big player of their Kings Quests and Space Quest series. So then they released Heroes Quest (later renamed to Quest for Glory do to someone else owning the rights to "Heroes Quest"). That is when the name Therigwin was born. It was a time that I had a big infatuation with King Arthur stories. I admired how Guinevere was such a strong character, putting up with Arthur and the tragedy of the Love Triangle. So I wanted to make a masculine version of the name. I also wanted something similar to my real name as well, Thomas. So I wanted to have it start with a Th and I wanted the gwin sound in it. Thgwin didn't look good, so I added eri in it and bam, Therigwin the name was formed.

This name is unique just to me, you do a google search on the name, and all you will find is info on me. No one else has this name in the entire world. Something I am proud about.

From Quest to Glory, Therigwin moved into Dungeons and Dragons. He was my Cleric/Fighter mix character. Then he moved into a game that I made myself for roleplaying and eventually graduated to every single rpg game I ever played to finally to World of Warcraft.

The name has taken many a character, but always has had one purpose. Protect the weak, spread the light and love of the creator.

Therigwin's World of Warcraft backstory was slightly flushed about by my wife's character Daraia and her writings. Check them out -
The Pally and the Rogue
The Company

As to who is the man behind Therigwin, let me tell you.

I am in my 30s, married to a wonderful wife. We have 4 special needs boys. Ages 4, 6, 8, 10. They all have one form of Autism or Asbergers. While challenging to raise these four boys, they truly are God's Blessing to us.

I work for a Finicial Company that sells Annunities, Life Insurance, etc in their IT department supporting 4000+ employees computer needs.

I have a degree in Youth Pscyolgy and Bible and was originally going to be a Youth Minster. God called me to other things.

I love Paladins (if you read my blog you can see that). I love what they stand for. I try to be one in real life. Protecting the weak. Preaching against wrongs.

Finally and most important, I am a Child of God, Born Again, Believer in Jesus. I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. It is through Jesus that I have true life and can carry on in this life. It is because of Him, that I have a drive to serve, protect, and love everyone.

God Bless


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  1. Great blog today, I always wondered where you got your toon name.