Monday, March 15, 2010

So Many Things

First off, I have time to blog today because I took a day off of work to handle some Education Things for my Autistic Son (He had his evaluation of where he was).  He is doing great for those that are wondering and it has been a real blessing to have the support structure he is in.

Moving on to game related stuff.  I want to cover three different things.

First, Eternity Matters turns Four Years old this week.  That is just pure awesomesauce as one of the founders would say.  We have a big party planned for Saturday, so those that can make it will have a blast.  What is different this year is that it is a progressive clue hunt to get to the party.  We will all start in one location and clues will lead you to more clue givers until you get to the final place.  Winners of that contest will get some cool in game stuff.  I can't wait for this to happen this Saturday (actually anniversary is Thursday).

Second, I want to talk about Blizzard Support.  I had a great experience with a Billing / Service / Support guy named Jason.  We had ordered four of those cute plushie pets with the in game counter parts.  We only got one in the mail.  I called and after 2 hours of hold time, I got Michael.  He got the ball started, but nothing seemed to happen.  I called back the next day and got Jason, got full updates, emails and everything.  Today we got our missing pets.  So good job Jason and Michael, kudos to you guys.

Third, I want to talk about a mod.  Gathermate and Routes.  These mods combined have made farming ore so much easier.  I recommend them highly.

Well that is all I have time for now....  I leave you with an awesome video that will scare the gnomes out of you

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  1. Grats to EM on 4 years. doesn't really seem that long. Of course, most of the last 4 years for me were spent in school, and that time seems to have flown. Wish I could be there to at least celebrate with y'all, but no WoW for me. On a GOOD note, I hope, I got my unemployment benefit deposited into the bank, and was finally able to find the provision in the state unemployment law which stated that 'employment' gained by students working for an educational institution for the sole purpose of financial aid is exempt from the term 'employment' and is thus exempt, so hopefully, that means I win.