Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Paladin's Review of Fantazy Earth Zero

So, I decided to take a small break from wow today. The Wow Addon tool from Curse had an advertisement for a free MMO by the makers of Final Fantasy, Square Enix.

So I spent this afternoon trying to figure out how to play this free MMO.

First, as always, great cinematic to get you hooked -

Ok after that cinematic, I just had to try it. So the quick and dirty run down -

This is majority a pvp game, but the starter content was like single player pve. The combat system is simple, you get a skill it is an attack of some sort, and you spam your mouse button to cast it. The bad side is you can't target an enemy, it is more like a first person shooter, you need to keep that enemy in the cross bars on the UI to kill it.

Second, you have to look with your mouse, which is a pain, I missed the wow camera style of play.

The graphics were dated, not bad, but dated. Had a good anime feel, until you started getting your female toons leveled up and then their outfits became the very skimpy.

Quests were a pain, cause you had to guess who was going to give you stuff. Combat took some getting used to, but eventually I figured it out.

For a free game, I was entertained, but this is by no means a wow replacement.

While SquareEnix has a great base in their Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy franchises, Blizzard is still King of the MMOs.

So if you are strapped for cash, give it a try, but you will soon find yourself back to playing wow.

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  1. Sounds interesting. I'm still on "vacation" from WoW, and also on "vacation" from STO until they get their act straightened out and stop blaming the end-user for their own shortcomings. I'm currently playing EQ2 again, having reactivated my account a month ago, and usually only on weekends until semester break starts in 2 days, then I'll do a little catch up work.