Saturday, June 20, 2009

Time to hang up the shield

You heard me right, it is time to hang up my shield.

It looks nice on the wall. The good old Royal Crest of Lordaeron

It would be nice to have a guild house or a person house to display old armor and stuff. It waits in the bank for that day Blizz may do that.

Now I have the ugliest non paladin looking shield in the game....

Wall of Terror

But it is nice to have upgrades. :-)

Happy Tanking Everyone

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  1. Supposedly, they were going to implement this at one time, but either put it on the back burner for later development or ditched it altogether. Frankly, I, too, would like to see this, as other games like EQ2 have player houses, and some of those in that game are NICE!