Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Reading the Librim

All paladins when they get into the higher levels (above 50) start picking up Librims.

It is basically a tie back into that they were once priests and these are their holy books, being that of scripture, prayer books, etc.

Well, in my Guild, Eternity Matters we are doing some new things. Sure we always have done a Bible Study in the game every Sunday at 3:30pm servertime. But many of us were feeling burnt out, discouraged, facing all sorts of drama.

Then it hit me. We were not reading our Librims. So this week we embarked on some new changes.

We did our normal Bible Study on Sunday where we typed it all out in chat.

But Monday, I prepared a special retreat for the officers. We did Kara. But at each boss, we read our Librim. I picked out scripture to go with each boss. It was a time of encouragement.

Enok writes about it in his blog, Now that is a little different.

So last night we started my next new concept for reading our Librims.

I call it our "Pray and Raid" night.

From 8:15pm to before the raid at 9pm, we had a Bible Study and prayer time in ventrillo.

Yesterday we read and talked about John 17. We listened to two worship songs on vent, one at the beginning and one at the end. We had a good time of prayer.

After that, we went in and did OS 25 with 1 Drake up with 23 people.

Not a bad night.

Tonight, we continue with another BC raid where I will take my officers back into their Librims while we take down some bosses.

Overall, this experiment has been met with positive results and I pray that it only gets better.

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