Thursday, November 5, 2009

A better understanding

I meant to blog at lunch today, but ended up reading a good book.

That aside, I just wanted to follow up from my previous blog.

Me and my former guildie has come to an understanding and I hope can still be friends.

We don't see eye to eye, but that is ok, diversity is part of God's creation.

That all being said, I think we have both moved on, both made some mistakes, and are both better for it.

For one thing, God has been working in my heart and mind about the concept of what ministry is.

For many, minisitry is what the church does, what a mission group does, etc. For a while, I thought my guild in a way was a ministry.

I have come to understand that is not the case. Ministry is not an organization. Ministry is what God has called us to do. That includes the simple things such as taking care of someone needs to the more blatent telling people that Jesus loves them. It is supposed to be our way of life, the way we give back to God.

So what is the Church? The Church is the place God uses to energize and equip his people for ministry. This is going to be my topic on next weeks Ventrillo Guild message for my guildies that are interested.

So my guild in all senses is just a group of like minded people, but we have the opportunity as individuals to do ministry, but its purpose is not ministry, but an organization for a game.

Now there are some legit ministry organizations out there, but they are not ministry, what they do again is similiar to the church, the equip the individual to do ministry.

Anyway, I will go more into that this up coming Tuesday, in my Vent Study on God's gifts to the church, how some minister.

As to fun game news, my main just got a new shield and tanking ring.

Therigwin is looking pretty good!

Have a great night!


  1. The anger, for the most part has diminished to a slight murmur. The hurt, however will take a lot longer to heal. That being said, all parties involved were at fault to some degree, especially in letting anger take control instead of reasoned logic. I know my weaknesses, and my trigger points, and I should have even stopped reading when I felt that trigger being activated, but instead just let it continue. I admit to my mistakes and have some regret for the things I did in retaliation. It's in the past, I learned from it, and am moving on. As I stated in my private messages and in my blog, right now, I'm keeping some distance. Eventually, down the road, the door will reopen to the possibility of friendship, but I need the time to heal completely this time, lest old mistakes be repeated.


  2. I really appreciate your honesty in the new post in the "About Us" section of the guild site. I respect your honesty and being up front with what the guild is and isn't currently. While I may miss the ministry focused guild it once least you are being clear about what to and not to expect from the guild.

    I wrote on my blog before and I still believe, that I think it's fine to have a guild made for Christians to play the game and raid together in an environment devoid of much of the language, behaviors and such they would find in a more secularly based guild.

    Your honesty in saying that they guild is no longer minsitry focused per se is honest and I truly respect that you have done it.

    Please know that I harbor no hard feeligs towards you depsite our differences. I am a flawed human being and I struggle daily to be conformed to Christ's image. I fail...a lot. I succeed...once in a while.

    Much love to you and Chelle and all at EM. We may never see eye to eye on some things but you are all my brothers and sisters and I love you.

    Rachel M