Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Proof is in the pudding

Ya, my blogging skills and consistency are incredibly lacking, but today I felt like blogging once more.

Last night I was faced with a tough or maybe easy decision.

We were doing Ony 10 and I had one of my new Off Tanks in there that I had been running with on instances on my shammie. He got himself to be crit capped and I thought sure, he can off tank Ony 10 with me, it is a simple enough fight.

Our first attempt I had him on the adds and well, the aoe threat was not there in his gear to compensate for the threat of the heals, etc. So I had him take over doing the single add.

We downed Ony and then the decision time came. The tanking Judgement Helm dropped. I will still sporting my T 8.5 helm, but my other tank had the crafted i200 epix tanking helm. Being that this was his first raid with us, he only had 2150 EP, so I easily out rank him on the priority list for loot.

So, eating my own message and doing the right thing, I gave him the helm. Then I promptly cut him a meta gem and epix gem to socket into the helm.

It was the right thing to do.


  1. It's what I would have done. I lost track of the times I passed on an item I needed because someone else needed it more. EPGP is good, but not always the right way

  2. Better to do whats best for the raid than what you want for yourself, but it still doesn't make you want that gear any less lol.

  3. Oh, I think EPGP is the right way and it worked exactly how it should, reward for those that have contributed, I however, went beyond the system and allowed this new tank to have some gear as others have done before.

  4. It always good to take care of the OT's, you never know when they might come in handy.

    However if it is an upgrade to THE Main Tank in the guild, that should override even EpGp. In my opinion. Get the Best Tank and the Best Healer and the Best Ranged DPS and the Best Melee DPS geared up first...if they are regulars at raid time. :)

    But yes it was a nice gesture, and one you have shown me on my occasions...

  5. you are so kind that you actually give that helm to him, eventhough you just knew him on that raid with your group. wish we need more like you then eheheh =P but becareful sometimes they will abuse your kindness! >.<

  6. One must be careful when stating what RJK stated above, as that can (and more often than not) is seen as an abuse of power. While I don't fully agree with how EPGP works, I do think it is a good way to keep things in check, and to distribute the wealth evenly. To just "throw away" EPGP and say "[X] is the main tank,healer, etc, so s/he gets this regardless of EPGP." is not fair to others in the raid who have worked just as hard, if not harder, in the raid, and should be avoided at all costs. HOWEVER, if the person with the higher rating voluntarily passes it on to another player, that is a different story.