Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Patch 3.3 First Impressions

While I did not play overly much last night, I did like the following -

Updated Map with Quest Information (Good Bye Questhelper)

Quest query system (Hello EveryQuest Mod with Loremaster Mod) - I will finally find the last 99 quests I am missing for Kalimdor.

Things I did not like was a broken scrolling combat texts, bugged raid instance (Ony still flying with 1 life? AHHH), broken xperl and minimap and the constant prompting of bugs in my bug catcher and my bug catcher not fully working either!

So ya, I fought with mods mostly, but found a good replacement mini map, it is sexymap.

I got rid of a couple of mods and I helped my wife out with her computer and mods as well.

So game play, didn't see much.

Hope to see it all tonight!

Oh, and the Core Puppy is so cute!

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  1. That was one thing I noticed as well, my mods, as well as those of a few friends were either not working, or were outright glitchy. I didn't have as much trouble as some, because I updated what was available on curse before logging into the game.