Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Slumps

There has been an interesting trend happening right now.

You see it in various blogs from my wife's to my good friend's (Enok) to other guild members, former guild members, and the basic Wow blogging community.

People are going into the Slumps, burn out, etc whatever you want to call it.

For me I see it as a natural cycle of the game. Even though we as a guild have not accomplished all our goals, the game is getting boring for many, myself included.

I have to admit, this past weekend we dusted off Sims 3 and I have been playing with that, raising up my little sim families and we have the expansion pack for sims 3 arriving at our house today.

But that all being said, it is a cycle, and we will see things kick back up with the Holiday festival in game along with the up coming patch.

Happy Gaming!


  1. it happens. I haven't been playing as much recently either. Preparing for finals in two weeks, and just taking time to do other things and WoW goes on the back burner. It can be expected from doing the same thing constantly for a period of time. maybe time off is a good thing.

  2. You are correct about slumps, they definitely happen. Some occurr from guilds who have ran the stuffing out of current content and are waiting for patch and others are of a personal nature.

    I consider myself pretty fortunate that I always find something to do in the game, but that is just me. I am content to go fishing if no one is running anything. Maybe I am just weird! You are correct though, the holiday event and the new patch will spark some interest in folks again. Until then raise up those little Sims the right way.