Saturday, February 6, 2010

Two blogs in one day!

Yup, blogging again, but this time about balance issues.

Blizzard is having a poor time trying to balance end game play.

Here is the problems they faced -

Original WotLK was supposed to cap the item level at i245.  Instead, it capped out at i284.

Ya, so some things scaled out of control, like Paladin tank health.

So we got a nerf, I am sure you have read about how blizzard just snuck it in and caused major server lag issues when they did it during normal prime time game play.

I am not really upset about the nerf, it was needed.

But now they have boosted warlock damage back up so they went from the worst dps class to the top dps class.

Other pure dps classes still fall behind hybrids.

On top of that all this stuff was rushed in because of Arena.

So here is my hope for the next expansion pack.


Fix the game.

Get rid of Arena or make special Arena realms and servers where it is balanced around arena and not pve.

And I like pie.


  1. There are alot of upcoming changes in direction in the next expansion, something to look forward to.

    I am still having fun, meeting new people and enjoying their company. Even on our Kara runs - so Im not sure the game needs "to be fixed". Perhaps a different perspective is whats needed.

    -- J