Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Holy Paladin Batman!

Well, I did it, I specked Holy last night for the 25 man raid so we could have 5 healers.

And I have to apologize to all the paladin healers in my guild for forcing you guys to be in a strict spell rotation of remembering to judge and pop cooldowns, etc. Cause it is hard, very hard. Half the time I forget to keep the beacon of light active or refresh my Seal of Wisdom, pop Divine Favor, etc.

Now, our best paladin healers were not in there last night, so I did top the healing meters because of that and I feel pretty good, but my heart is with tanking now. It was good to find that out again last night. I much prefer my shammie healing instead of paladin healing.

So after the run I respecked back to my standard tank speck. I still need to Glyph back to prot, but it was fun doing all that.

Tonight, we are doing the same Raid (10 Obisidian Sanctum) but I am staying out of it tonight to let some of the other tanks have a chance.

Well, lunch is shorter today than I planned, so more blogging tomorrow!

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