Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Love Paladins

There were so many things I thought about writing today.

Topics from how we did in the Eye of Eternity Last Night (thanks Enok for covering that)
to how we are doing as a Guild overall.... Then I remember, hey, this is my blog, I don't need to cover that stuff here, keep that on the guild website :-)

So instead, I am going to go over why I love paladins.

One of the main reasons I love paladins is they are the Knights in Shining Armor. They are God's right hand of Justice. They are the champion of the week. I think nothing captures this more than the fan fiction my wife wrote for the guild.
Read the full story here
I still remember the first time I saw Therigwin. In retrospect I find it amazing how that first observation of him made SUCH an impression on me. I would later find myself judging all the paladins I met by him and that may have helped pave the way for what happened later. For at the time there was certainly no way I could have imagined what he would come to be in my life.
It was near the front gates of Stormwind, a group of paladins was coming in, heading towards the cathedral when a young girl had her doll snatched out of her hands. The boy went running by taunting her when this gauntleted hand reached down and picked him up by the back of his shirt. Without saying a word the beared, blue eyed young man removed the doll and handed it back to the little girl. He then walking on carrying the now screaming boy with him. He never even broke formation. I remembered thinking. “Now that is a TRUE paladin.” I didn’t actually meet him until several years later.
I just have to say again, I love Paladins. From a lore perspective, they are the hand of the church that rights wrongs, fights for what is right, does what is right. They are the protectors, no matter what spec they happen to be.

I have to admit, in game play, my two strongest specks are Protection and Holy. So what do I love about Paladin game play.

Protection - Wow, I love prot paladins. They are there taking the blow of everything so that the group can survive. They are complicated, but simple tanking style. Again, they are using the powers of light to protect everyone they come in contact with.

Holy - Wow, I love holy paladins. Fast heals, crit heals, cleansing, keeping the group and me alive guys/gals. Again, even though they are Holy, they are protecting the group with the powers of Light.

Ret - Ret has had a bad name for a long time, that RetNub and anyone can play that speck. But I tell you what, I cannot play that speck to save my life. But Bozwick, a ret paladin in my guild, he can play. I see him do incredible things in ret. And he also has the ideals of a paladin, always asking how he can help.

Notice the line of thinking going on here? Protect and help with the powers of Light. It ties nicely into my belief system. Jesus called us to protect the week, love others, and lay down our lives for people. All things that the Paladin is truly about.

I guess that is why Blood Elf paladins disgusted me. Cause they were about using the light for their own glory. Glad Blizz did a story change towards the end of BC that changed that.

Anyway, lunch time is rapidly closing for me (I will try to blog during lunch).

Tonight we face 25 Man Obsidian Sanctum. From the looks of things, I may need to go Holy tonight and let the DKs and Warriors tank it. Will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

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  1. "My comrades are my weapons, and I am their shield.
    While I draw breath, they shall not perish.
    So long as they live, our enemies will fall.
    I am defender, protector,guardian;
    I am Paladin."

    Is how I view my Prot Paladin. I didn't make it up I found it on the forums one day and forgot to get the supposed author name. To mew thats why I love my Paladin.