Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nite off to review broken mods or alternatives

So last night was my break from Raiding. Trying to step out of some of them and let the other Tanks step up their game. EM managed to do it and that is nice.

But I took the time last night to review my mods and weed out those that are not fully working the way I want.

On the chopping block were the following -
Fubar Quest_Fu
ClosetGnome and all its plugins
Big Wigs / Little Wigs

Fubar Quest_Fu survived the cut, it was the only mod that requires load out of date add-ons. It is Ace Based and they have not updated it at all since 2.4.2 version of wow..... ya, it is amazing it is still functioning. I may still get rid of this providing I can find some replacements that do the following -
Jobs Done Sounds for the quests.
Announce objectives as they are being completed to various channels (Party, MSBT Channel, etc)
Shows who else is on the quest in a FuBar plugin (Or LibDatabroker compatible plugin)
There are some possiblities I saw last night, but this was the last one I tackled.

Big Wigs / Little Wigs - Everyone I know seams to run Deadly Boss Mods. So I was going to review it. I did not like what I found. While a good solid mod, their update frequency is less than desired (Last December). Big Wigs, updated this week to accomidate patch changes. So Big Wigs I kept along with Little Wigs which handles the 5 mans.

Closet Gnome - What can I say, I love the old Closet Gnome. The silly sayins when you switch clothes, the ease of changing clothes, the plug-ins, etc. Well, the latest versions have not been working with all the plug-ins and the ease of use went down hill. I understand updating mods, but functionality was lost. So I went back to Itemrack.

Itemrack is an excellent mod. I added the LibDataBroker Addon to get it to show in FuBar and bam, it was much easier than Closet Gnome was to use. I also added a title changer, so as I change outfits, it will change my title. The only problem is I need to setup all my gear sets again. It had all my BC sets from when I played with it back in BC, but ya, that was 70 gear and pre WotLK patch.

So Tonight, I will be setting up my other sets again (Tux, Tank, Healer, Sunday Devos, Mexican)

Maybe saturday I will blog about my complete crazy UI. Some people love (me) others hate it (my wife).

Lunch is over again, back to work for me.

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