Friday, July 31, 2009

Socket Bonus AHOY!

So Therigwin made the transition from Mining to Blacksmithing.

Now his Blacksmithing is not maxed out, but I did get high enough to be able to Socket Bracers and Socket Gloves.

So now Therigwin is a Min/Max Jewelcrafting Blacksmith.

The big reason for this change was the changes coming in Patch 3.2. The Dragon's Eye gems will no longer be Prismatic (meaning they count as all colors) but are changing to be color specific. Well, with Blacksmithing, I now can use them in those sockets and not worry about socket bonuses being missed. It did mean I changed up some of my existing gems, but overall, I saw a net gain in stats verses having the mining.

So the PTR has gone into retail state and that means we will soon have the patch on our hands.
It is going to be an exciting time for Eternity Matters because it will allow us to do more hopefully.

But that will be another blog post.

See you all online!

1 comment:

  1. I didnt read anything new for Blacksmiths in 3.2 - but hopefully those patterns in Ulduar will drop for ya - those looked nice.

    -- J