Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vacations are good

So I am on my last day of Vacation from work.

I had last week Thursday, Friday, and Monday, and Today off. It was originally so we could go to the wedding of our good friend, but childcare never happened and we were unable to do that.

I have found that is good to take a break from things. First, I had a break from work. It was a much needed break as it can be a high stress at times. (In fact, I am going into 2 weekends of high stress).

But sometimes it is good to take a break from playing wow and raiding and even your main character.

So part of my vacation I helped my son get his Shaman up to level 55. He was finally able then to make his Death Knight. So we made Death Knights together. We did the starter quests and got ourselves all set for regular leveling again. We did some quests in the plaguelands and did Scholomance together.

Then I embarked on my new goal for this Death Knight. As always, I use my alts to support my main and to be a distraction and vacation. Well, this character was going to be a suporting character mostly. I made her (yup, I made a girl), a miner and herb picker. I got her up to 315 mining and she has a bank full of bars, stones, and raw ore. Level 62.... Yup, she is fun to play and easy too. (DK's are OP)

So this is the plan. Therigwin is going to drop mining once Mystriah (a mystery) my death knight is able to provide Therigwin with the ore to prospect and use. Therigwin will instead pick up Black Smithing.

Here is the main reason, with the changes to Jewel Crafting coming in 3.2, the primatic Dragon's Eye gems will no longer be all colors, but instead be the specific colors that match their ability.

Paladin tanking gear has no blue sockets. I like socket bonuses, but I also like my 41 stamina gems.

So from Blacksmithing, you get 3 sockets for gems. I get 3 dragon's eye for gems as well. That means I can always utilize the best gem for those 3 slots. So this gives me +82 stamina then verses the 50 stamina from mining. It also benefits my off speck in that the 50 stamina is not wasted, but instead I can gem up 54 strength instead.

Now when patch 3.2 hits, that stamina bonus is increased from 41 a gem to 51 a gem, giving 102 stamina verses the 60 stamina they buffed mining with.... And the strength goes up to 34 from 27, giving my ret paladin speck +68 strength.

So my in game goal is to get my Death Knight to 77 so she can mine stuff up for Therigwin and have it all in place before patch 3.2

On a side note, I got the Northern Barrier last night. My wife bought it for me for 7k on the AH.

Oh and a pick of Mystriah for you all to see. (She is Myriah's twin sister for those wondering)


  1. That really is cool, not only that but it sounds like you are really learning bout DK's.

    And some good strategy also on the sockets...making me a little jealous. lol

    Glad you had a great vacation, looking forward to tonite's Devo and Dragon slaying. :)

  2. kool. another DK... If you need any tips or pointers, I'll offer what I can, although I'm by no means, an expert or authority on playing DKs. :)

  3. This is going to be a simple gathering character, no raid plans at this time. :-)

    I will need to force my self to level her to 80 when we find out when the next xp comes out. I assume she will probably level as I do mining as I need it.

    But I still have a neglected Druid and Shaman in their 70s that need to make it to 80 as well.

  4. I've got to get back to my goal of working my low-levels up gradually. Lately, I've been lagging a bit behind in that a school and other things took precedence. I've got my druid and hunter to get to 40 yet before I work the others up to 50, and repeat the cycle. Yes, I'm going to eventually try to bring "Staaki" out of mothballs, if I can figure out how to play her again... Tried playing Rhow the other day, and realized that it was just going to take too much getting used to her again before I took her into a raid, so switched and took Llaihr in instead.