Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Laughing no more, and improving failures

So we did Ulduar 25 last night. We were down some people, had a couple of pugs, but overall we smashed through the flame leviathan really fast.

And to my shock, [Titanguard] dropped. It was a very hard decision to make for me.
I had been using [Last Laugh] from KT as my tanking weapon. And while it was not [Sorthalis, Hammer of the Watchers], it was still an upgrade. But it was an upgrade for all the tanks going with us.

Then I needed to remind myself of our loot system. That it did not make sense to horde points. I was top on the list, so I needed to spend those points. So I spent them and got this sword.

It is not the best model out there, there are other tanking weapons that look better, but it was nice to be using a sword again. My hope now is that I will some day get a tanking mace instead, as paladins should be using maces. :-)

Mod Spotlight - EnsidiaFails
This is an awareness mod.
It spits out a report during and after a boss fight of all the things that people should be aware of during the fight. Like, get out of the fire! Stop casting!
It is a tool to help your raiders know what they need to work on. If there are so focused on one thing, then they may die or cause a wipe. It is an excellent tool.

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