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UI Mods Part ummm next? Raiding

Ok for those following my mod UI series here we go -

Charming... Very Charming is all about Target Charms.

UI Mods Part 1 - Solo all about my solo UI and a full listing of Mods at that time.

UI Mods Part 2
- Continues talking about View ports.
UI Mods Part 3 - 5 man discussing my UI for 5 Mans.

Ok We also have my classic thread on my 3.0 UI

Oh ya, and we talked about Chocolate Bar here

Finally I did have a plug for Ampere an awesome mod for turning mods on and off without logging out of your character... that takes us to.....

Click the picture.


So this pic is a bit old, I have updated again since I took it, but WOW is down and I did not want to wait to blog. So here we go.

I am in a 10 man, tanking Hodir, for those wondering. Notice Xperl is now showing the two raid frames. I have debated getting rid of showing party and raid frames all together since VuhDo now does that much better than healbot, but ya, that is another blog for another time.

Lets talk about this picture.

You can see Mik's scrolling combat text in action.
You see Chocolate Bar with all the Broker Plug Ins.
Omen is going on along with Tidy Threat.

Yeah, lots of things going.... I know, how about an updated list of my mods and I will let you know which ones you see active in the picture.....

!BugGrabber This capture those nasty bugs, you don't see it active completely, but kinda, ya...
Acheron - I love this mod. You see the purple skull up at the top, it access it, but right now you do not see it up and active. I should blog about it later.
Achieved! - You don't see it on this screen shot, but this allows you to move the achievement windows.
Ackis Recipe List - This one tells you all about recipes and where to get them.
Ampere - Yup talked about this one.
Atlas - The classic map of the dungeons and raids.
Atlasloot Enhanced - Tells ya what loot drops from what, really handy.
AtlasQuest - Fan Update - Tells what quests are part of dungeons.
Auctioneer - A classic.
Bagsy - Hmmmm, I forget... Oh ya, I got this with Combuctor to help manage my bags.
Bejeweled - Fun game in a game!
Broker uClock - the Clock in the corner
Broker_CalendarEvents - the calendar in the corner
Broker_CPU Memory - The performance meter
Broker_Currency - My cash
Broker_epgp - Access to EPGP woot!
Broker_Location - where are you?
Broker_Recount - access to Recount via broker
BugSack - Get those bugs info from BugSack
ButtonFacade - Make the buttons purdy
ButtonFacade: Caith - The skin I use in the UI
Capping Battleground Timers - For my wife, I don't pvp
Chinchilla Minimap - How I made my minimap so awesome
ChocolateBar Broker Display - Yummie Chocolate!
ColorTools - Just found this one on wow interface, allows tweaking of colors even more!
Combuctor - Yup, my bag mod... LOVE IT!
CowTip - Tips of awesome! You see it in action in the picture too!
CurseProfiler 2.0 - Um, this is an evil mod... But it comes with the Curse Updater. I have it turned off cause it lags my system up.
DBM-Sarth-ShadowFissureWarn - Nice DBM addon for Sarth to let you know when the shadow zones.
DBM-VictorySounds - I missed my BigWigs victory song, I got it back with this.
Deadly Boss Mods - Yup, I am a DBM user.
Deadly Boss Mods - Burning Crusade mods
Deadly Boss Mods - LibDataBroker
Dominos - How I get my buttons arranged where I want them in my UI.
Dresser - A much better way to dress up when CTRL clicking items.
DualSpeccer - See that broker mod up top, one click and it switches my speck!
Elephant - Records all chat channels, cause well, ya... It is good to have it when people are stupid.
EnsidiaFails - This is a great mod that announces the failures to the raid so they learn.
epgp (dkp reloaded) - yup, our points system. I love it.
EPGPLootmaster - This makes epgp worth it, everyone has this installed and loot go so smoothly.
EWOlson_RealName - This is a classic mod I used to put my real name in Guild Chat.
Fishbringer - Great for the fisherman in you.
Gem Quota - Great for getting your meta active.
GuildBankSearch - Every want to find something in your guild bank? This helps you find it.
GuildCheck - This lets me know when people leave, join, etc when I am offline I get a report when I log back on.
HeadCount - Raid tracking and loot tracking awesomeness.
Hit Assist for casters and melee - Great mod to help with hit cap
InspectEquip - when you inspect someone, it tells you where they got that gear.
Learning Aid - Learn a new spell, a window opens for you to add to your action bar
Livestock - The cage, horseshoe and winged shoe icons in my ui. Brings out a pet or mount.
Macro Broker - This allows you to create a macro and put it in your broker mod. I used this to get VuhDo and Trinket Menu into a quick access.
Mapster - You saw this one before ;-)
MikScrollingBattleText - Numbers scrolling in the picture.
Misspelled - I LOVE THIS MOD. Spell checker for wow chat.
Omen Threat Meter - Yup... I am tanking and have threat.
OmniCC - The nice numbers on my buttons that count down to let me know I can push the button again.
Outfitter - Best equipment manager in the game. PERIOD!
Overachiever - achievement tools and tweaks - Revamps the achievement system to be more friendly.
Peggle - another game in a game!
QuestHelper - You all love it, you know you do.. .Just turn it off before the raid.
RatingBuster - While blizz has good item tool tips for gear compare, I still use this mod because it gives so much more info.
ReadyCheckAnnouncer - Lets everyone know when everyone is ready!
Recount - Please don't post the numbers to raid please lol
RecountGuessedAbsorbs - Hey, is that Disc priest really doing it?
RepairBroker - Time to repair, I guess. Nice mod.
Reputation Monitor 3.0 - Good rep tracking mod
SatrinaBuffFrame - Ok, I use this in conjuction with xperl It gives a few more visual identifiers so I can hit exorcism when it is an instant cast or keep Divine plea active for mana.
SharedMedia - Musics and fonts and images for mods!
Sunn - Viewport Art - Yeah, you have seen it before.
Sunn - Viewport Art Pack 1
Sunn - Viewport Art Pack 5
SustainedTps - This one I am thinking of dropping cause I never look at it... lol. But outputs to chat frame my tps after each fight.
TankadinTps - my gui replacemetn for Sustained TPS
TargetCharms - Charming, I know.
tomQuest2 - My replacement for QuestFu. I love it, cause well, my name is TOM! lol
TrinketMenu - A classic for trinket management. I still love this mod.
Volumizer - Best volume control broker mod ever!
VuhDo - This healing mod rocks. The next thing, replacing healbot for sure.. Even GRID and Clique I would say have a tough time holding there own this bad boy.
WIM (WoW Instant Messenger) v3 - PST me please! This is a must for those that manage tons of whispers.
X-Perl UnitFrames - So purdy
ZOMGBuffs - I have talked about this mod before and it keeps getting better. I recommend for all classes, especially paladins.

SO you have seen my UI and my mods. All my mods except EWOlson_RealName can be found on Curse.com or wowinterface.com

Over my next few blogs, I will hit some of these mods in more detail. ya I got lazy and stopped linking them at the beginning lol. But they are easy enough for all of you to find.

I hope my server is back up... Happy Gaming!

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