Friday, October 30, 2009

All Grown up

I have a secret.

I have an alt that is NOT a paladin.

On top of that, it is a girl... ya, I am a guy playing a female avatar...

Well, I refer to her as my baby girl. She is all grown up now. I got her to level 80 this week.

It is my Shammie I am talking about. Myriah. She has become my healer. As a tank, I love my paladin healers, but as a player, I love playing a shamman healer. The challenge is there to if I riptide, chain heal, or do that awesome healing wave.

I have healed a couple of heroics, a bit shaky at first with a couple of deaths occasionally, still learning the mana management, but overall, she is a nice break from all things Therigwin.

Speaking of Therigwin, he is going to be getting hit with a nerf bat in 3.3. They are taking away 20% of dodge to tanks. Kinda stinks since the librim I just got gives dodge and the T 10 set bonus gives dodge. Hope they change those things.

Anyway, my little break at work is over, have a great weekend!

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