Thursday, October 22, 2009

4 set awesomeness

So yesterday was a great day in that I now have all 4 pieces I need for my T9 four piece bonus!

This bonus is great in that it reduces Bubble Wall to a 1 minute cooldown. This is very nice to have in some fights, taking the load off the healers.

But it got me thinking about T10 set bonus and again, I am not very excited. Dodge seems like such a poor thing to give as a bonus, sure it is lots of dodge, but what about those pesky spell casters.

I much prefer my T9 bonus of bubble wall every minute.


  1. Isn't Bubble wall a 2 min CD? and the set bonus reduces it by 30 seconds?

  2. You are correct, Omni CC was showing 1 minute, because I have it configured that way since it rounds it, so yup yup.

  3. Yeah, i have had that issue where Omni CC will show my Heroism as having something like 2 mins left, but the Blizzard timer would say 3 mins, since it rounds to the higher minute