Thursday, August 20, 2009

My UI Part 3 - 5 Man Content Style

I dare you again, click the picture and see what awaits you.

Yes, I am starting this blog very late at night or early morning. Been on a tech call for work (love being on call, NOT) so before I head to bed, I wanted to start this blog. We will be going over various elements in this ui, as this is a special configuration just for the new 5 man.

Insert Time Lapse Here

Ok, it is now lunch time and I am at work finishing up this blog entry.

As you can see I am using Xperl Unit Frames Mod to display the party frames and my frame and target, etc.

But what is that thermometer in between my target of target frame and my target?
That is a brand new threat mod, called Tidy Threat. It is nice and small and will fit in there nicely, also works great with the default blizzard frames.

You may also notice a bar in the bottom middle with icons and the shield is highlighted. That is Outfitter. I only turn on that bar when doing ToC 5 man so I can quickly switch out my jousting stick for my tanking weapon.

Well, lunch is over, so I will have to blog more about my UI on a later date.

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