Friday, August 14, 2009

Everybody loves chocolate


The stuff that some claim is better than woohoo.

But the chocolate I am blogging about today is an addon or mod for World of Warcraft.

While it is pretty impressive and does replace a long standing addon in my UI, it does not go as far as the Hershey's Chocolate Bar.

So lets dig into this MOD highlight for this Friday.
ChocolateBar Broker Display
This mod is now replacing my once beloved FuBar. I originally thought about switching back to Titan Panel as it had native Broker Mod support, but decided to look for an alternative.

Like FuBar, it allows the creation of a bar at the top and bottom of the screens. It can be skinned to look like what you want. It has left, middle, and right icon placement support.
It has a very simple control scheme in the addons configuration.
It supports profiles for multiple characters.

Example Bar:

Example bar2

Another one:
Example bar3

Now when I switched over to ChocolateBar, I needed to find some replacement mods for FuBar. This was a good thing, as I found some new broker plug in mods that did the same thing as my old FuBar mods, but worked even better than the FuBar versions. I will be going over all this mods in my weekend blog that looks at my revamped UI for 3.2 and all the MODs and addons I now use.

Have a great weekend and eat some chocolate for me.

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