Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All Washed Up - Change

I keep feeling that I am epix fail at this blogging.

I have all these great things I want to write about but do not have the time to do so.

First on the list is a new updated UI and MODs blog describing my UI and fun mods since Patch 3.2 hit.

Next is a revamp of the Paladin Talents Review Guide updated for Patch 3.2.

Maybe I will get some time to work on those latter this week or this weekend.

So instead of those things, I want to blog about change.

Change, it is not what it is all washed up to be.... Most people hate change, others endure change, and some embrace change.

Life is about change and change makes us uncomfortable. Each patch brings about changes. Some are good, some are ok, others are not good. But without change, life and the game gets stagnate and doesn't go anywhere. So embrace the changes!

I have two changes that I dislike right now. First is the removal of the Seal of Martyr and second is the cast time added to Exorcism. I know they gave other tools to make up for those changes, but it is getting used to it that bugs me.

It was nice having Exorcism to help pick up stuff, along with having taunts available, etc. It was also nice to mix that into my 969 rotation to alive some bordom in some tank fights.

But alas, those days are now gone.

Other changes are incredible. I have my T 8.5 Helm, and other nice upgrades do to badges, the new 5 man and being able to clear farther in the content the guild is at right now.

It is nice to go back into the old five man heroics cause people want badges.

These are all great things.

The new epix gems are nice as well, getting the recipes are slow (costing 4 JC tokens each), but that is ok. I am getting the recipes.

Finally, the biggest changes have been happening in the guild. We have gone Raiding mentality and it is working. We still are social, we still are Christian, but we are getting things done.

But those changes brought about Mod changes. And that will lead into Therigwin's updated UI and Mod post latter on.

But for a sneak peak, let me tell you about a MOD I just got. I know, it is time for a

This MOD spotlight brought to you by the letter A.

Ampere - This mod allows you to turn on and off mods in game and then do a reloadui. This means no more logging out of World of Warcraft to turn on mods for raiding, etc.
Curse Download
Wowinterface Download
(Yes it does require to load out of date addons)


  1. Boy do I need that Mod....

    Yes I wanna see the UI, with explanations!!

  2. Tom, I have a mod that does the same thing but it is being updated.

    Its called TooManyAddons

    with it you can actually setup different addon profiles anf load them with a reloadui

  3. that other mod looks good, but I had no need for a profiler system as I typically just disable and enable quest helper only.