Monday, February 2, 2009

Another new week

Well, it is a start to a new work week and soon a new week of raiding.

Since I took a break yesterday because it was Sunday, lets catch up on some of the random WOW thoughts and things going on in this paladin's crazy head.

First our guild is hurting for consistent healers. So I was Holy all day Saturday. Did all my dailies specked Holy, got a few rep pieces for my healing set. So I decided to Pug 25 Man Arc and got the paladin T 7.5 Ret Gloves. Then it is on to Nax. We manage to finish up the Construct wing with me healing. It was fun, but boy do I miss tanking. Saph was not as kind to us, so we saved that for Sunday.

Sunday I am back to tanking and we have a few alts and off specks healing it. Our best attempt got him down to 30%, but after around 100+ gold in repairs, we called it.

Unfortunately, I am on call for work this week so tonight I will not be able to Raid at all. Hopefully they will give it another shot and be successful.

Mod wise, I left off quite a few mods I use that are not visable, so I will take a small part of my blog each day this week to cover the missing ones or go over some I glossed over.

Today will be Auctioneer. This mod adds so much to the whole auctioneer, Enchanting, prospecting, etc experience. The only part we do not have installed of this pack is their error collection mod, since we use BugSack. In a nutshell, this mod will allow you to use the Auctionhouse to get great deals in buying and selling your stuff. It also adds values to the tooltips so you know which quest item to pick for the best DE value or pure vendor price. So check it out. It is a bit memory usage hog compared to other addons, so those pushing your memory limits may want to avoid using it.

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