Thursday, May 7, 2009

No Ulduar for you.....

So tonight is Ulduar 10 man night.

Yet again, I will be missing out on seeing and doing the new stuff.

Last week I had to work, this week we have something personal going so I will be unable to attend.

Anyway, lets catch up.

I finally grabbed myself a new belt from Nax 25 last night.

Fleshless Girdle

So in my tanking gear, only my sword, helm, and trinkets are still item level 200.

I also finally crafted Titanium Frostguard Ring

So now in my frost resist with aura up I have an excellent rating, 543 defense. Feeling pretty good about it.

That should hopefully help us tomorrow night in Nax.

Friday will be a big push as we push to get Thad down, Plague and Bug. Providing we do not face the random DC monster (my wife has been getting that alot lately) we should finish Nax this week.

So next week can be our happy fun fun Ulduar week!!!!

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  1. You did awesome in Ulduar tonight