Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No Emblem for you!

Conquest... such a great word.

Conquest... Emblem of Conquest.

Yes, we are on a quest to get this Emblem.

Last night, we went into Ulduar 25. We one shot the Flame Leviathan.

Me and Enok were in a siege engine. I was his gunner, he was the driver.

It was epix. Me and my co-tank killing bad guys. Ya good times.

We down the boss. I get out of my vehicle. We say as standard, wait to loot till we res everyone.

At this time, I begin to notice something seriously wrong. There are no sparklies on the boss body. I call for looting of the body and my lovely wife who is master looter bends down and gets our toys.

Ya.... 11 people of the 25 got Emblems of Conquest. The remaining 14, did not. I asked everyone to open a GM ticket.

I then waited 1 hour and 30 minutes till the kind GM talked to me. He went that is bad, I will need to escalate this. Ok. So the window changes to your ticket has been escalated.

Well, I updated the ticket and logged for the night since it was late and I needed to go to work in the morning.

All day today, checking email, nothing in my email.....

Here is hoping that when I login when I get home from work that I have an Emblem of Conquest in my mail or something from Blizzard.

Overall, it was a great run last night. We had a few undergeared in the vehicles, which shows me on normal mode, we can at least farm this guy every week.

Now if we just didn't have to pug in the remaining group and have a solid 25 from EM.

Well, see you all online!

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