Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Response.... is my responsibility...

Warning this will be a preachy blog today. Yes, it has ties into World of Warcraft.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this month has been the drama month for Eternity Matters.

What saddens me the most is many people are missing one key thing that we all know. What is that?

My Response to whatever happens is my responsibility. What does this phrase mean?
It means the following-
When something good happens to me, the appropriate response is to be excited, but yet humble. There is no excuse for going "Ha, I got this and you didn't. I am so awesome and YOU ARE NOT!"

By the way, I am using extremes here to get the point across.

Ok, what about when something bad happens.

Example - We wipe, and we wipe, and we wipe on a boss.
Appropriate response - Being sad is good. Being angry is justifiable. Using that sadness or anger to lash out or make condescending comments is not. Having a positive attitude despite the bad things.

What I am trying to say, is it wrong to behave poorly despite the circumstance you find yourself in. Even if someone else hurt you, you have no right to lash back out.

What? Therigwin, you lost your mind?

Nope, I just follow a greater example, that turned the other cheek. He went and died on a cross even though he had done nothing wrong. And by his victory over death, he give me the ability to respond positively to life's situations.

Now lets get personal.

What is the hardest thing for Therigwin to respond positive to?
I have helped many players in World of Warcraft. Trained them up, given them advice, help them grow. Hoping that they become a key part of Eternity Matters, to only have them leave for whatever reason. I try to be happy for them but inside it hurts. Well, those wounds heal and I try to be positive and upbeat with my whispers with them, because many of them still come back and talk with me, ask me for advice, even though they may be farther in the game content than I am.
Ok, here is the kicker. Where my response is my responsibility. They link me something they just won. Ouch, it hurts, cause I want that. Appropiate response is a simple gratz and be happy for them. Inappropiate response is jealousy and envy.

I struggle with my response. But in the end, God helps me have the appropiate response.

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