Friday, May 22, 2009

Long Time, No Blog? NOT THE DRAMA!!!!

Well, I have been quite busy.

We have decided that the theme of May is drama.

We have experienced this past month so much guild drama that it would kill any other guild.

Funny thing, we have grown still, despite the drama. Despite us loosing some good players, we press on. Despite having an immature member do scams and smear our name(we gkicked them), we are there still on the server, doing our stuff.

Why is that? Because Eternity Matters is a guild that overall, cares about all the players on our Server. Not about how they play, but where they are going for Eternity. We may be human and mess up (and we do), but we press on sharing our love of God in a non threatening way.

So despite the drama, we go forth.

Enough about the guild, Therigwin, how are ya doing?

Lets see, my wife loves me. She bought me this ring - Signet of the Earthshaker my first 226 item.

Now the sad thing is, I picked up a 213 helm that was a mail caster helm. Ya, for Flame Leviathan. I can also use it with my healing set, but ya, my main speck prot and secondary speck ret still have 200 item level helms.

Go Figure, LOL

Anyway, Ulduar 10 tonight. Hoping we can make it further into this instance.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Good Luck in Ulduar tonite, I know you can go far! Hope you have fun!