Friday, May 8, 2009

Ulduar fun after all

Well, I was originally not going to go to Ulduar last night, but plans change.

Today I write this from the hospital family waiting room (where they have free interent woot) while my son is having a scheduled procedure.

Thus my original thinking of not going to Ulduar yesterday because it was going to be an early morning today (and believe me it was lol)

Well, we had the off tank drop because of RL issues and a few others so the standby list started getting used.

So that was it, I was going to tank it and we were going to do it fast.

I informed every we got 60 minutes to get as much done as possible.

We did great clearing to the first boss. Then we wiped on him at 10%. Big reason, he glitched. When he was supposed to do the over power bit, he did not stop, but kept attacking us.

Second attempt went flawless.

On to the happy exercising robot boy boss.

Easily cleared the trash.

I had read up on a new strategy over on Honor's Code blog where you tank him to the right side of the room in between the two trash piles. This prevents those trash piles from spawning adds so you can do it much easier.

We tried it and one shot it, plus got the achivement for preventing him getting any adds to repair himself.

So on to the Dragon boss. This is the first time I did this boss and bam easy as pie. 1 shot.

Ok, time for Ignis, the bane of encounters.... Wife taps me on the shoulder, time to go to bed, guess he will have to wait for some other time. 3 bosses in 60 minutes is not bad, but next time I want to make it 4. :-)

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