Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I have been a naughty paladin

Yup, I have not blogged in what seam like in a month... well, maybe a week and a half.

So, lets get caught up on things shall we?

We all enjoyed the Noblegarden festivities and I got Therigwin the Noble title. That was fun as I managed to get it all done a few minutes after midnight just after all the quest givers and eggs despawned.

Then we have the Kids Week stuff happening right now. Big on my list to get this achivement for a very silly reason. At the beginning of the guild, my wife and I were affectionally known as Guild Mom and Dad. So the Patron and Matron title was something I wanted for both of us.

I managed to do everything except the School of Hard Knocks. When I attempted to do the pvp, people were so rude that I ended up logging for the night. Well last night I got on and we formed up a premade of guildies and went in and had fun pvping. We won some games, lost most others, but in the end, we had fun and the majority of us got our Achievement!!!

So now that is done, this week we start our Raiding again tonight.

Plans is to do OS 25. I am hoping we have the right people sign up so we can do it with 2 drakes up.

Tomorrow we venture back into Nax 25 with a big push to try to get 3 wings done.

Thursday, back into Ulduar 10 man. I want to get 4 bosses down this week (the first 4).

Friday, back into Nax to finish it off.

This will be our last week of this raiding schedule.

For my guildies who read my blog, I am going to let them in on a secret.....

Blizzard has been nerfing Ulduar.....

So Next week will be an Ulduar week. Mixing in 10 man and 25 man Ulduar to see how much we can get done.

Then the week after it will be back to the other, and so we will be mixing back and forth...

Cause I really want Mally dead :-p

Anyway, Happy maintenance day and see you all online.

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  1. I would love to get down that big happy dragon down too Tom.

    See you at Naxx!