Friday, April 24, 2009

Not your typical Ulduar Raid

So last night we went back into Ulduar 10.

It is always a tough time for me because I have to pick and choose who comes along on the raid based on who signed up, gear, etc and many times I disappoint people because I did not pick them.

So last night from my core, I was going to be missing my boomkin and co-tank. So we were down the druid buff and a second tank, which limited our options come whatever bosses we decided to tackle.

Then at the last minute, the holy priest had to drop.

Fortunately, I had many other guild members to choose from. I brought in another Arms Warrior instead of my cotank, a Warlock instead of my boomkin, and a shadow/holy priest for our priest.

We were down the druid buff, but besides that it looked to be a good solid group with 1 tank. I was hoping I could tank it all.

We did pretty good with the trash leading up to Leviathan, only loosing two vehicles. We wiped on our fisrt attempt as people were learning the fight. The second time we got him down.

He dropped Flamewatch Armguards which I ended up snagging up.
He also dropped Energy Siphon which we passed on to one of our paladin healers still sporting a i200 trinket.

So on to our next boss. We decided to do XT-002 Deconstructor. We decided on the heartburn strategy with me tanking all the big robots, our priest in his secondary speck, etc. We wiped a few times and finally got a strategy figured out. We finally decided that the warlock would Sead of Corruption the Pummler adds while I tanked them and the boss.

Our final attempt we kept everyone alive through all three heartburn phases. Then the pummlers came and I could not target them quick enough to taunt them on to me. Bam, our melee dps went down with 2% on the boss to go and like 30 seconds on the enrage. We kept at it, I hit my bubble wall to take a strain off the healers and at 1 second left to enrage, Eternity Matters had its first XT-002 Deconstructor kill.

For our efforts, our paladin healers each got an item.
Armbands of the Construct and Helm of Veiled Energies

Overall a good run for us. It helped that the boss had been slightly nerfed, doing less damage and a longer enrage timer. Makes me hopeful we can eventually start doing this on 25 with our pugs that are friends.


  1. Grats on downing him! I wish I could have been there for EM's first time getting him, but I'm happy that the new strat worked out.

  2. Grats!! Good to hear ya got some tanking gear! :)