Monday, April 20, 2009

All that is Therigwin.... Updates

So what has been happening to this pally?

Well in real life, I am battling a stomach bug. We are now on day 2 of missing work. So those praying friends out their, say a prayer for me so I can get back into the swing of things without loosing my lunch.

As far as in game, this is what Therigwin has been up too....

His secondary speck is Retribution. I can say that I am loving the speck I came up with, it is working great in 5 mans and soloing. I still need some better gear for this speck, but it will come in due time.

I have been having a blast with the Argent Tournament quests. I am one day behind everyone else, so in 2 days I will have Champion, so tomorrow! I can't wait, because that two hander sword, Claymore of the Prophet is awesome!!! (Though I have a good weapon in Demise)

Speaking of weapons, I finally got a better tanking sword, Broken Promise, off the four horseman. This is the first time we have seen it drop. I am very thankful to my cotank Enok for outright just passing to me even though we have the same weapon.

Now for the fun. Ulduar. Everyone is doing it.... Including Eternity Matters. What a very nicely done instance. We downed the first boss, which is a nice vehicle fight. It took some bit getting used to. I started with a battering ram type vechicle and ended up using the motorcycle. I love the motorcycle.... I must get one for a normal mount.... ;-)

Anyway, here is the pic of our kill.

Ok, what else have I been doing? MODS!!!!

That is right, getting my mods to work.

So a quick run down of mods I have replaced -
Itemrack is GONE!!!! I replaced it with Outfitter. Outfitter supports dual speck switching and is a very nice mod. Originally the author had pulled it in protest, but realized he was just hurting the players. I found Outfitter did everything I had Itemrack doing.

Pallypower is GONE!!!!! What? That is the paladin buffing mod of awesomeness.... Well, I discovered ZOMGBuffs. This mod supports paladin buffs, druid buffs, etc... It is incredible. A couple of bugs here and there that require reloading the UI, but for the most part it rocks!

CowTip is GONE!!!!! Yup, this awesome mod I replaced. Even though I had updated it a couple of times, it would still give an error on some things. So I replaced it with TipTop, which is similiar, has less features, but does not error out on me.

Last, I picked up a new mod. DualSpeccer. It is a broker plugin that allows you to click it to switch specks without going into the talent screen.

All other mods are working fine in my UI, so this is one happy paladin.

Tonight - Eye of Eternity 10 Man... I pray we finally get this dragon down.

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