Monday, April 6, 2009

Are you ready for Ulduar?

So, it is Holy Week, Easter is going to be here soon and the new Noblegarden stuff should have come out this Sunday.

But if you notice, that was removed from the calendar cause patch 3.1 was not ready.

Instead, we see it scheduled Friday April 24th to May 2. So that means Patch 3.1 should be coming Tuesday April 21st.

With this patch, we get our new Raid content. Ulduar....

And with that, you need to gauge, is your guild and yourself ready for Ulduar.

Now if you asked me that 3 weeks ago, I would have said yes, we have the players and the gear for 10 man Ulduar.

Ask that now, I would say, I think we have the gear, but not sure about the players.

Now looking at what is really needed in gear for Ulduar, we know that the first encounter deals with vehicles. The power of the vehicles is based on the item level of your gear. So in 10 man, the best success is going to be those that actually have 25 man gear.

If you remember my gear post, I was fairly accurate on the gear level.

Here is the gear progression for pure 10 man content -
Sarth - 200
Nax 10 - 200 and 213 (off of final boss)
Maly 10 - 213 gear
Sarth 2D - 213 gear
Ulduar - 219 gear
Ulduar Hard - 226

Now for 25 Man Heroic Content
Sarth - 213 gear
Nax 25 - 213 gear and 226 (Final Boss)
Maly 25 - 226 gear
Sarth 2D - 226 gear
Ulduar - 232 gear
Ulduar Hard - 239 gear

So are you ready? The big glaring answer is Maybe!

Therigwin right now consists of a mix of 200 and 213 gear. So for 10 Man Ulduar, he is technically ready. The thing is, he has never experienced a successful Maly 10 run or 10 Sarth 2D run.

Is he ready for Ulduar Heroic..... Nope.

Ulduar is not going to be your walk in and do it Raid. It promises to be harder and unpugable. So for my guild, Eternity Matters, it looks like we may be stuck on 10 Man Uldar, mixed with doing some Pugging of 25 Man Nax still, followed by hopefully doing Mally and Sarth 2D. (We have done Sarth 1D in 25 Man, but not 10)

Ok, I am rambling now, but you get the idea. Are your characters ready?


  1. I think we both need that gear that comes from KT and Maly 25. Just havent been able to get over the hill....maybe this week.

    So State!

  2. You need to note that 10 man Sarth +2 drops a piece of 213 and 25 Sarth +2 drops a piece of 226

  3. oops nvm you did, didnt see that on down the list