Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Patch 3.1 Paladin Specks - Ret and MODS!!!

Ok, now for my Ret Speck I figured out....

Therigwin's Smash Ur Face Speck

On another note, Wow Interface has done it again with their mod survival page.

Check it out!

WoWInterface's Ulduar 3.1 Survival Guide!


  1. What's the point of the improved intellect? it's percentage based, you're not getting much for your points there, I'd recommend going down the prot tree for the imp righteous fury, adds to survivability

  2. In raid, you do not need survivability and I did not want to pick up any pvp talents. Seals of the Pure ups my damage, so basically I had 5 points left over to waste somewhere. I chose the Intellect because even though it is a small amount, fully raid buffed it does help out and will add crit to my spells and most paladin attacks are spells.

    For soloing, I will be primarily using my tank speck and aoe farm, though I did some soloing with this speck yesterday and it worked well for the Argent Tournament adds.