Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Patch 3.1 Paladin Specks

Ok here is the promised post from yesterday, just in time for our patch today.

This first one is what I am recommending to our well geared paladins healers in my guild.
This includes Glyphes.

So Paladins in my guild that are at 213 gear level, please read and let me know.
I call it the Holy Crit Master it also provides more mana regen through lay on hands.

This next speck is for those Paladin healers that are just hitting 80.
This is our Handy Healadin Speck. This does not get the Ret Crit but insteads focusing on using Hands and healing better. Good for 5 Mans and again, starting 80 gear.

Ok, now to my new tanking speck and Glyphs. I am going with a modified Crusader Build. This focuses on Threat and Dps. Honorshammer is going with a Survival Tank Speck that dips into Holy. Read about his here.
So here is my tanking Build - Therigwin's Crusader

Ok, for Ret, my second speck, I am not sure what I am going to be doing. I need to still figure that out. Once I do, I will post it up.


  1. I really Like the "Holy Crit Master" spec, as well as the glyphs that go along with it - Great work on that Therigwin!

    Only slight thing I would consider modifying on the spec, is I really enjoy the haste that comes from Judgement of the Pure (after judging). It maybe beneficial who work judgements into their rotation to for that haste, to take the 2 points out of Enlightened Jugdements and put them in JotP - to get 9% haste.

    Very nicely done!


  2. Ya, that was the debate as well. It seamed that Haste was not as important in Uldar as mana, so that was why I made that choice. But either works.

    The downside will be getting the new glyphs.

  3. Retarded... is all I have to say to ur assumption.
    Haste is in ALL Uldar Gear for holy Palys first off..(crit haste = mp5 haste)
    Then U have the infusion of light Nurfing! a .75 reduced holy light cast is way....WAY! better than 20% extra..crit.. Chance?! wtf i can get more crit chance if i jus gem for it if i want.. the only way i can gem for a .75 sec Holy light is if i use haste( and belive me if ur able to geta tanks full hp back up in less than a second... its WORTH IT AND BEST TO DO)
    Then U have the simple fact that... Haste is the Third (sumtimes considered the second due to 5k dpsers) best stat for a holy paly to stack.. Always!.. As i was playin in Uldar i was stressing as heals werent going off fast enuf while i have 600 haste >_< makes me want to loose Int and Crit to balance more haste in my toon as i see the tank still getting hit in the middle of my holy light cast its a miricale they survive what they do at times!

  4. Christian - Thanks for your opinions, even if you lack the eloquence to put them politely. I found the use of the word Retarded very offensive and almost did not accept your comment. That being said, you did have some good points and I allowed it through. The truth of the matter is people will not know until Blizz actually fixes the broken servers and the encounters. Many of my paladins have opted for getting the haste talent when they judge... The problem I see though in my paladin's play style is they forget to judge and thus do not have the haste buff.

    If you are finding your tanks are too squishy for Uldar, then it could just be that you are not fully ready. Blizzard stated Uldar was not Nax and not Puggable and took everyone in the raid being on top of their game and having a balanced raid makeup. Do you have shammans, druids, priest, what for your other healers?

    All my assumptions were done based on the leading expert in paladin healing in my opinion. Banana Shoulders. I would suggest you check out her blog. http://www.bananashoulders.com/2009/04/09/choosing-your-attributes/