Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gruul... how he hates me

I have never been able to finish Gruuls.

Kinda funny.

But in BC, I was needed to heal on my shammie or we always failed when I off tanked it.

So here we are level 80s.

Lets go try and do Gruuls back on my birthday.

We do great, we clear the high king and move on to gruul, except the mob prior to that fears people into gruul, me not being one, we call for a wipe, but for some reason it bugs and never opens the gate.

Attempt two was about a month later. Bad group make up, never made it past the king.

Attempt three was a few weeks ago. Instance Server was down.

See a pattern?

Well, one of our healers said lets do Gruuls today after our in game devos. I said sure, maybe we can do it this time.

It looked really good, we made it past king after changing up group balance.

Made it to gruul.

Everyone was in.

I pulled, we started dpsing.

right before the first shatter, my computer froze. I could talk in vent, but either it was all the mods or whatever, it just froze. I hear I am still tanking him, so I think there is a chance.

Then I hear, there goes therigwin, he is DCed. Slow dps.

I go to log into my son's pc, cause it is up and working but get flustered at the password, eventually log in to see that he is already dead.

I leave group and log off telling everyone I will BBL.

Ya, I have given up on it. Maybe I can get credit for Gruul when the next expansion comes out and I hit 90.

Anyway for the past few hours now after that, I scrubbed my pc. I removed the majority of things out of the run registry keys cause I noticed that I had a ton of crap software running (Adobe Faster Launcher for Reader, iTunes, Dell Health junk, etc).

Then I made this blog after wrestling with my second born son. He is good therapy and a great kid.

Anyway, this is good just writing it all out, guess I will work on the post everyone is really waiting on, the coverage of the ret talent tree.

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  1. I felt SO bad about that. All I could think was YES we are gonna get that achievement for Therigwin! NOOO!! There he gooooeeessss!

    I had to laugh about for about 2 minutes at the unbelievable situation.

    There WILL be a next time for sure = )