Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So Close.... So Far

A quick blog entry today.

Many know that I don't follow sports, but when the local team is in the final four, I do keep a small eye on it.

Well, last night, we went into EoE 10 man to try to kill good ol maly. And we did much better this time around, getting him down to 30%. We are getting phase 1 and 2 figured out and doing much better. Phase 3 is still a problem, but our best attempt we had 2 minutes during that phase.

The other bummer was that local team, they did not win the final four.

So like I said, so close but so far.....

Tonight starts a fresh night of raids, hopefully we can make stuff happen during this spring break, holy week, etc with people's crazy schedules. :-)

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