Sunday, March 29, 2009

3.1 give Paladin Tank Love

Remember when I did the post -
It's Hammer Time?

Well, I think Blizz listened or they were thinking (or I was thinking) along the same lines.

Uldar will introduce some Hammer Tanking Love -

First there is Legacy of Thunder which drops off of Thorim 10 man normal mode.
The upgrade from that is Shiver which drops off of Hodir 10 man in hard mode.
Now we move into the 25 mans....
We only have one tanking mace in 25.... the best tanking mace.... Sorthalis, Hammer of the Watchers which drops off of XT-002 25 man Hard mode.

Notice each gets better in item level. 219, 226, 239.

The first mace kinda looks like you are holding a globe on a stick, but each one after that gets better until the final one, that screams "AWESOME"

Anyway, see you online.

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  1. maces are gay. why does wow hate swords so much. mace looks like sissy..hammer sissy...axe..sissy. sword ...kickass