Friday, March 6, 2009

Wow 2 upgrades

So we ran Nax 25 last night.

More and more I am learning that we need to gear up our dps. Our tanks and healers are top notch, and our core dps is awesome, but to do the 25 mans, you need more than just 10 to do the job.

Anyway, we had some problems last night, but in the end we ended up doing pretty good.

Bug wing down, rest of Nax tonight, hopefully we can start on time.

So, I ended up getting 2 upgrades last night.

A new neck - Heritage and a new set of wrists - Bindings of the Hapless Prey

Anyway, not much time to blog today. See ya online!


  1. Yes it was great to see you get those! Explain sometime the whole 5% chance of hitting you...that sounds amazing!

  2. We seem to be getting better and better at it (especially when the Demons of Disconnect aren't causing problems.) As much as it's nice to have fellowship with other guilds, I'd like to see more of our own members doing the Naxx runs. Paul and Bry will be once they get their high speed hooked up, and there are others getting close. As for myself, I've got some semblance of a PvP set thrown together, and should be getting close once i can get back into some regular heroics (would like to attempt H CoS again sometime for a chance at that drake mount.) And yes, tonight's run went a lot better, with only a couple of wipes. :D