Saturday, March 14, 2009

Adventures in Nax

So last night I started out in Nax by feeding a critter bite to Mr. Bigglesworth, making him mine for 3 minutes. Afterwards, he disappears and KT is upset, but that is ok, we will kill him eventually.

So last night, we tackled Thaddius, who we have not beaten in the past. A few attempts and some switching of strategy (we traded one healer for a DK, and I had my DK OT put on dps gear) and he was dead.
The fruits of our labor granted the paladin pants token. I rolled and lost to one of our healers, that is ok, he needs the pants, but then to my surprise, he said I could have them. So I am now sporting the Valorous Redemption Legguards. We then easily cleared the plague wing and then it was on to the dragon.

We made good attempts on the dragon, but in the end, we needed to make sure people have frost resist gear and that the curses are being removed by everyone that can remove curses. The best attempt I died to the curse.

As for today, I am going to stay prot. I did recently learn that expertise is not as important for Paladin tanks as it is for warriors and other classes. Only two of our abilities are benefited from it. Having the glyph and the speck should be all that is needed. HIT is more important of a threat stat. So I may be regemming some of my gear today.

See ya online.

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  1. Grats on the Pants! Sorry bout all the DCing Sat night. :(