Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Feeling a bit disconnected

So yesterday my wife called me at work and let me know the internet was not working.

I got home and started checking connections. It appears that the wires broke in the junction box. After fixing that we were back online and ready to go.

So we went back into 10 Man Eye. It was a different group makeup and I have determined that when Blizz says bring the player, not the class, they really meant the following -

Bring at least 1 priest, druid, and paladin and then 7 other classes, providing that you either get a warlock or mage for the int buff.

So it makes things interesting when you don't have all the buffs you need.

That was our case in Eye. So we went back over to Nax 10 and killed 1 more boss, did some attempts on the doggie and then headed to bed.

Overall, it was a fun night that started out with a literal disconnection.

MOD SPOTLIGHT - I will be holding off on future mod spotlights until the patch and start out fresh with a complete mod review and UI changes at that time.


  1. I was thinking the same thing during the fight, but I would go so far as to say DK too. :)

    This is almost a bring one of every thing fight.

  2. Ideal Group for Eye 10 Man is the following -

    1 Tank (Warrior or Paladin)
    2 DKs
    2 Druids (Boomkins)
    1 Mage
    1 Shaman
    1 Priest
    1 Paladin
    1 Other Ranged DPS (Prefer Druid)

    If you have 2 DKs and 3 Druids, you can easily stack up three sparks. You don't kill the first and second spark, but stack them up and kill them all at the same time.