Saturday, March 7, 2009

Doing it different in 3.1

So here is another fine example of Fan Art from Blizzard's site showing the best gear set for Paladins. The Tier 2 set.

Anyway, this post is about some of the recent changes that were introduced in the PTR.

The Holy Tree and Prot Tree got some changes.

First in the Holy Tree, Aura Mastery was changed to an instant cast that lasts 6 seconds. But I read on WowInsider, that they are folding in this into All Paladins and this will be replaced with something else. Still I tried it in PTR and the tool tip said increased the range of the Aura to 40 yards with a 2 minute cooldown. I popped it and lasted 6 seconds. So who knows what will end up in this slot.

Now onto the Prot tree. We finally got our 5 point replacement for Kings. This talent Holy and Prot paladins will want to take.

It is called Divinity. It is one of the nicest things Blizz has put in for a paladin in a long time. It increases the amount a paladin heals by 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5% based on the number of points you spend. Holy paladins will put 5 points in that. So think about it, one of our Holy Paladins averages her Holy Light for 10143 when healing. She presently has Kings. She can pick this up and now her healing will be 10650 average when healing. That is an increase of about 500 healing.
But wait, there is more. With this talent, heals cast on yourself are increased by the 1% to 5%, so Prot Paladins will be picking this up.... So when this paladin heals me, if we both have this talent, we are looking at roughly a 1000 more points of health being returned.

Yes, that new talent is very yummie.

So, we all know about Divine Guardian. This is an off tank ability that redirects damage from close raid members to the paladin when they bubble. The reason it is off tank is because a main tank will never bubble because they will become untargetable.

Well, they added another spell that is very similiar. Divine Sacrifice, it does pretty much the same thing, but without having Bubble active. It transfers up to 150% of the health of the tank.

So with both talents, you can transfer 60% of the raid's damage for a max total of 450% of the tank's health and have it all be absorbed by the Bubble. Very good for mitigating total raid damage and still a definity off tank ability.

Ok, Well, I just found this great post on other changes, and since I get to go home soon, I will just link it -
Wow Insider Paladin Updates

They have plenty of articles on the other classes, included one on how boomkins are getting a boost (Go Lunas, Go Lunas!!!)

See you all on line

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