Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Eternity Matters

So, yesterday, Eternity Matters hit the 3 year land mark.

The Guild has come a long way from being a couple of high school kids that wanted Jesus part of their every day life and wow, to a large growing guild of 300+ toons, growing weekly and still letting people know that God loves them and we love them.

Sure, things are not perfect, because people are not perfect, but we see God blessing in the relationships that he has allowed us to build.

Here is the guild screen shot from last night -

On a sad note but happy note, one of the founding leaders of EM told us last night that he is quitting wow to prepare to be a full time missionary. He and his fiance after they are married this summer will embark on a 3 year missionary placement. While we will miss him in game, we know God has great plans for him.

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