Saturday, March 7, 2009

Why we do what we do....

Paladins.... Bringers of the Light. I love this picture from the fan art of Blizzard's site. It shows a paladin, in tier 4. Yes, it is a Holy Paladin, but still, it is a picture that inspires us.

So what drives a paladin to do what he or she does? It depends, but for me, it is the drive to serve. Paladins, servants of the light.

Last Night, Eternity Matters ventured back into Nax 25. I was not feeling well, running a low fever of 99 and sporting a killer headache. It was not looking to be a good night cause I felt terrible. I took some medicine and drunk plenty of water and we got started. Why did I go? Cause, it is what a Paladin does. We had some good pugs along with us and we took a stab at the Instructor wing again and we were able to get the first boss down. We ended up clearing the wing and it was great since that was our roadblock yesterday. Still sporting a headache, but feeling better, we talked about what to do next.

Well, we decided to see if we had the group to do Construct. We were running heavy on Melee DPS and my wife and I had some doubts. Doing Patch would tell us.

Things started out pretty good. I ate some expertise food to get that bumped up, because if Patch doesn't parry or dodge my attacks, he does not get his swing counter reset and thus he does less hateful blows. Things were going along pretty well until we lost our soaker tanks. This is where duel specking would have been nice and put in one more soaker tank until my other tanks get more stamina in their gear. So for the last I think 15% of the fight, I was the only melee. It was up to the ranged dps to get him down. At 2% or 1% I went down because my bubble wall had expired. I watched as Patch went straight for our dps and bam, he was dead. I think many of those guys soiled their pants as they are not used to a big monster going to attack them in raids.

Well, we decided to go do the plague wing after that, just because we did not have the dps to get patch down quick enough. We lost a few player and replaced them then went into the Plague Wing.

It was a good run through the plague wing. We downed the first boss. Then we get to my favorite trash room... Why is it my favorite trash room? Because in all the times I run Nax, I have only had 2 times where we did not get a blue or an epix drop from the trash. So we always clear all the trash in this room.

Well, it became time to dance... dance dance baby... yeah!

For those not familiar with the dance, check this out -

So the dance is you have to stay in the safe area while dpsing down the boss.

We managed to one shot him and kept about 50% of the raid alive. I was quite happy about this.

By this time, my headache was gone and I was feeling pretty good, even though it was around Midnight.

We made it through the eyeball stalk room of doom with very few deaths and then went to tackle the Fungi! I love that joke. This guy is a real canibal... cause he is an undead mushroom... get it?

Ok, enough said, he drops the Tier 7.5 shoulder tokens. This in my opinion is best in slot right now for paladin tanks and I won the roll.

We called it a night, because I had to work today.. In a strange sense, I am working now... at work because we are doing a disaster recovery exercise of the IT systems. So far no calls and everything is working.

This is going to be a two part blog today because of that. I need to go get some work done, but my next break I will blog about more Paladin changes in PTR.

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